There are several ways to grind coffee without using the grinder and coffee machine. The simplest of these is the use of conventional or electric grinder. Modern grinder are available with sets of different knives designed for different products. For coffee suitable nozzles, is designed for spices, for example for peas of black pepper. The output is non-uniform grinding. It can skip through a meat grinder several times until you get a satisfactory result. Electric grinder, usually do coffee the first time.
Another way of grinding coffee without a grinder, is the use of a blender. While grinding it should be in the Cup, equipped with a lid, otherwise the grains and their fragments will scatter throughout the kitchen. With a blender you can grind coffee to a uniform powder. The smaller will be the particles, the more aromatic it will drink.
The most extreme method of grinding using a hammer. A small number of grains must be wrapped in newspaper. Then you have to beat it with a hammer until all grinding. After that you can start brewing coffee.
You need to remember that before you start grinding, you should carefully wash and dry all parts of the equipment which will be in contact with the beans. Otherwise, coffee can absorb the smells of foods that were processed earlier.
As you can see, how to grind coffee without a grinder, there are no special difficulties. This can be done with the help of devices that are in every home. The quality of the drink will be no worse than after grinding in a coffee grinder or coffee machine.