You will need
    • — coffee beans;
    • — pan;
    • — the blade;
    • — pot with lid.
Prepare before roasting everything you need. Roasting coffee use a cast iron skillet, thoroughly cleansed. It would be better if you for this purpose select a separate bowl, as coffeeinie the grains quickly absorb odors. When choosing cookware keep in mind also that under the action of heat , the grains increase in volume by half.
Warm the pan evenly to a temperature of 200-220 degrees C. Pour on the bottom of the coffeeinie grain in one or two layers. Put on low heat and then gradually increase it. First, grain will remain greenish, then turn light yellow tint will appear grassy smell. In the next stage of the bean will come out of the water and they will start to smoke. The emergence of crack signals direct roasting. Begin to caramelize the sugar, the water eventually evaporates, coffeeinie the grains break down and release oil.
Stop the roasting beans depending on the desired result. To get a light roast, or as it is called, "novoangarsky", it is necessary to remove grain from heat as soon as they begin to Shine immediately after the first crash.This is suitable only for roasting coffee is of the Arabica. Taste of bean is obtained with a pronounced acidity, and the color is light brown. Coffee light roast goes well with milk, cream.
Mix coffeeinie the grain during cooking with a spatula or shake the pan. If you want a more pronounced flavor, leave the grain on the heat for another few minutes. The grain will start to increase in size. After some time it will be weaker the second crash, small pieces of beans may begin to scatter. Watch for the color of beans, their odor in order to remove the pan from the fire. The classic taste of coffee is achieved a medium degree of roasting. Distinguish "American" roasting, the grains become bright brown, as well as "Vienna" or "city", which stop right at the surface of the grains will start to be vegetable oil. With a strong degree of roasting, the "Cuban", the grain becomes dark brown, the surface clearly visible oil stains. The taste of this coffee is full bodied, tart, almost without acidity. Double roast, or "continental", adds grainm almost black color, and the taste of this coffee will be very bitter.
Keep in mind that grain will continue to warm to each other even when off the heat. After roasting cool the grainto evaporate excess CO2 and coffee bought sugar. To do this, pour them into another bowl, cover with a small hole and leave for 6-12 hours to cool down.