You will need
  • Passport details of the client.
If you need to send money to another person on the front account, you need to have certain information about the recipient. This information will be required when registration of transfer in his name at a Bank branch. It should be noted that the required data, the recipient can know that the Bank in which he has a valid account.
For the purpose of transfer of funds on the personal account, you must have the following information about the recipient: surname, name, patronymic, and the number of his accountin the Bank. In addition, you should also have information about the beneficiary Bank: BIC, correspondent account , and the complete name of the financial institution. Only when you have all of the above information, you will be able to send the funds.
There are two ways of money transfer on the personal account – visit the nearest Bank branch or payment transfer via the Internet. The second method implies the existence of the Bank of the sender service that will allow you to perform operations with the expenseAMI via the Internet.
To make a payment through the Bank, you need to visit a Bank branch. The Bank's office you need to contact the operator of the cash register. Give the employee all the information about the recipient, which were announced in the second step. Make the necessary amount, after which you will receive from the cashier proof of your transfer. Funds will be credited to the account of the beneficiary within seventy-two hours since their departure.
If your Bank provides the ability to conduct transactions via the Internet, you can consult this issue with a customer service representative of the organization. You will be notified of the need to perform remote management accountom. Once you get login in the Internet Bank, you can transfer funds on the personal account of any person. To do this, you should also have information about the recipient.