Why do hamsters smell

что делать с агрессивным хомяком

The most common source of odor is a cage in which lives the hamster. Many owners believe that animals cozy feel shredded newspaper, sawdust or dry grass. On the one hand, it is true, but these fillers are characterized in that absorb not only moisture but also odors. They need to be changed as often as possible. Otherwise, it appeared the smell will long remain in your apartment. And you hamster will also become a source of fragrance that are warm is very difficult.

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The animal cage must be kept clean. It should not accumulate food debris or droppings from hamster. Naturally, all this in itself is the source of the odor. If you follow the condition of the dwelling your pet, but the air is still stale, pay attention to lifestyle and nutrition of your pet.

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Experts say that if the hamster is often alarming and subjected to stressful situations, his body begins to produce an odor. Stimuli can be your family members, yourself, other Pets, cage, which for some reason does not like the hamster. To detect the presence of stress on the behavior of the pet. If the animal is scared, concerned or angry, then all this is accompanied by a characteristic behavior. Usually hamsters are calm and friendly.

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How to get rid of the smell

If you failed to determine the source of irritation of the hamster, and his hygiene you watch carefully, the cause of the odor can become animal health. Most often, the peculiar smell appears when the violation of the digestive process. In this case, an accurate diagnosis and treatment can be determined only by the veterinarian. Most often, normalize digestion hamsters Prem prescribe special vitamins and restricted diet kind of diet.

Pay attention to the diet of the hamster. Leave the products overnight in large quantities is not recommended. After a meal, almost all food residues, it is better to remove it from the cell. Hamster food should contain enough vitamins and mineral elements. Complete and balanced feeding can save you not only from odor, but to protect the pet from many diseases.

As bedding it is better to use special fillers, which are sold in specialized stores. For example, corn "sawdust" are absorbent and do not leak odors, so the air stays fresh. Similar properties have wood fillers.

After a thorough cleaning of the cage, eliminate all sources of unpleasant odors and provide proper attention to hamster, ventilate the area and use the normal air fresheners. Remember the rules for the maintenance of these animals and never forget that any pet needs care from its owner.