You will need
  • Trap-"ivanoushka"
  • Bait
  • A decoction of wormwood
  • Mastic or goat skin
  • Jacket or thick gloves
  • Sand
  • A well-fortified barn
  • Trained dog
Learn about the habits of the ferret and try to find his moves. You can sprinkle the places of possible appearance of the predator in the sand to the tracks to judge his movements. The ferret is the most active in the twilight. Prepare for this time "zhivolovok - trap, which can capture the animal alive and healthy. Catching ferrets in the rural farms hunting is allowed without permits, but if possible, do not use traps-killers.
Как выбирать домашнего хорька при покупке
Buy a metal or wooden zhivolovok for small predators or make it with your hands. Make cell rectangular boards with a door-flap. Above the roof install design, reminiscent of the well-"crane". One end of the rope to tie the door, on the other, attach the bait – fresh meat with blood.
как поймать собаку
Use the techniques of the experienced hunters: get the ferret using different baits based on musk glands of animals (such as Acron). They can be purchased at specialty hunting stores. The trap is well treated with a decoction of wormwood to kill the smell of man. Disguise the trap – often experienced ferrets are ignoring the traps, and in them there are only domestic cats and long-suffering chicken.
как поймать соболя
Try to catch a ferret personally, if I caught him at the scene. Put on very thick cotton gloves or throw in on the thief's jacket. Be careful, this animal is very fast and resourceful, and besides, he bites sharply. As protection it Priaralye cancer spread a strong stink. If the ferret still bites you, hold his nose, and insert between the teeth a piece of wood. Then pry the jaws of the animal.
как поймать синичку
Try to discourage the ferret from the shed. At night lock up the chickens or the rabbits will release a guard dog with a long leash allowing you to walk freely around the building. Some villagers daubed walls with mastic or hang in the shed skins of a goat. Sometimes these traditional methods temporarily help, especially when scaring young animals.
как приручить хорка?
Protect your animals from the twilight thieves feasible measures. Can be concrete floor, lay under floor and wall mesh to cover all holes. Disassemble around the barn where could hide a predator. Everything should be clearly visible. A ferret can be a fancy pile of stones and boards, weeds, manure pile, any of your outbuildings, including barns and cellars. He especially loves damp places.