Start by selecting the paint. There is no view of any particular firm, and the color scheme means. On the package of any paint or special, the accompanying catalogue there is a color scheme. With one hand set your original color, and with another – a result that should result after applying the tool to the current shade. It is not naive to believe that black as pitch, hair, after applying the "miracle paint", then get stunning ash-blonde color.
Remember that before painting the head is not desirable to wash two or three days, then the paint is absorbed into the structure of the hair no matter what shade you need. Also, before painting, it is better trim split ends and shape hair to the paint consumption was minimal. If you recently had a "chemistry", then wait 2-3 weeks, so as not to burn through already weakened by chemicals hair. And most importantly - in any case not peredergivaete means more than the deadline indicated on the package.
If your hair a darker shade, to achieve a blonde color, will first have to lighten them. For this purpose there is a special white henna paint. Remember that the hair at the roots always fade faster than on the ends, so start apply with them. Now that your hair has acquired a lighter shade (or, if you were originally blonde), you can start getting directly blonde color. But it is advisable to do not the same day, and after two or three. Apply paint according to the above scheme: first the ends, then roots. Remember, the desired shade may not necessarily get it right first time. Do not worry, this is normal. Just repeat the process a few days.