First of all, you need to decide on tint. It could be ash blonde, and warm with a Golden sheen. It is important to consider the type of skin, color of eyes and focus on your natural color. If your hair is originally warm shades, to disguise the cold is not worth it. It may visually spoil the color of the face.
The hardest part will be the owners of dark hair, especially if they are dyed, not natural color. First you need to wash away the color, the hair became almost white. To do this in one go is not necessary – can greatly harm the hair and scalp. Then the blonde color can brighten up a dry, overheated hair.
Lightening hair is best to do for 3-4 hours depending on the original color. If you want to get a blonde colorwithout harming the hair, it is better to consult a specialist. Of course, multiple visits to the salon will greatly affect your financial status, but you will be able to get the desired color without the doubtful experiments.
If your natural color of hair close to blonde, and you have firmly decided for a long time to become the owner of brown, you can have the patience to grow out your natural color. Then it will be much easier to slightly change the shade and it practically does not harm the hair.
The owners of red hair it is better not to think about the cold shades of brown. Hair also need to lighten up, perhaps in several stages. To get the white color will not work – will remain yellow or orange hue. Therefore, Rus color for staining you must pick a warm shade.
Natural blondes are lucky in this matter the most. In order to properly choose the right shade of blonde, you can first experiment with toning tonics to not bind yourself to a particular color. They washed just a few times. And then, determined, you have to choose permanent paint any color.