You will need
  • The hair dye of the appropriate shade.
Sometimes girls color hair for several years and with the confidence to identify their own natural color. In this case, you must first wait for the moment when after the last dyeing procedure will take place for about a month. The roots will help to more accurately select a shade, resembling the natural color of hair. To choose it is necessary not only to suit their own desires, but focusing on attached to any paint table colororiented shades.
When the colours matched, it is necessary to test for skin sensitivity. Many people ignore this procedure, although it avoids irritation of the skin. Before you dye the hair in natural colorenough to cause a drop of paint on the back of the hand. If after a while feeling a sharp burning sensation does not appear, then you can apply paint on the head. Additionally washing it up to this point should not be.
The paint should be applied with gloves on, trying not to fall on the skin of the forehead and neck. Previously, these areas can lubricate any fat cream, then wash off accidentally got on them the paint will be much easier. Time keeping the paint varies from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the manufacturer and the product type. Paint not containing in its composition ammonia, more gentle effect on hair. After coloring hair to wash with usual shampoo, then apply conditioner gives smoothness and fixing color.