Thinking how to dye your hair a light ash blonde shade, first choose the correct paint, given the natural color of your hair and hints that you have previously dyed hair, as the mixture of pigments, the new paint with the remnants of the previous coloring pigment can lead to quite unexpected results. Going to the store for paint ashen, give preference to products Koleston Perfect, which, depending on their species help to give the hair a light ashy shade or to paint them in dark ash tone.
Future hair coloring in ash brown color comes from the natural color of your locks, so when painting be sure to note the following points. First, if your hair is light by nature, immediately apply on their pigment composition, slowly covering the whole head, starting in the paint with the hair roots. After applying the coloring composition will leave it on the hair as much as written in the instructions for the paint and then rinse thoroughly. Remember that the saturation of the ash-blonde color does not depend on consistency of paint, so even gels and special coloring shampoos should not be overexposed – it will cause significant damage to the health of your hair.
Secondly, the owners of dark curls, wishing from dying to a mysterious ash blonde hair color, associated with the image of the Snow Queen, you have to first prepare the hair for coloring, and the coloring procedure in a given situation will take place in several stages. First lighten your hair two to three shades, using sold in specialty cosmetic stores illuminators, trying to get rid of yellow or reddish hue. After clarification, give the hair a few days to "rest" and then apply on them a coloring composition, giving the ash-blonde shade.
To paint the hair don't to yellowish or even greenish tint, experts recommend to add in hair dye blue pigment, but the desired effect when you experiment with paints can only be achieved in salon. After staining in the ash-blonde color keep shade created with a special toning shampoo, otherwise it will quickly be washed away. For future applications in the same tone already not coat the coloring composition of the whole head, better to apply the bleach, and then dye only the roots.