You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - chamomile.
If the hair is not dyed and their hue from light brown to dark brown, then slightly lighten the strands, you can use folk remedies. For example, add to conditioner or shampoo, lemon juice or chamomile. Quick and wonderful lightening effect can be obtained by combining the use of lemon juice and sunlight. Squeeze three lemons juice and add a little water (ratio 3 to 1). Apply on hair the mixture and take some time in the sun. The curls in this way you can lighten a couple of shades, but to say exactly what the result will be obtained, it is impossible, because it is necessary to take into account the natural color of the strands, and features of the hair.
If you have the hair color is natural, not too dark, once is enough to discolor the hair, and then painted them with tint paint ashen shades. Will look best ash-blonde, light brown or regular ash.
Owners of weak and brittle hair it is better not to begin your journey to blonde hair through bleaching. For starters, make the usual weave dark strands, and then paint the selected color. This method is more gentle, and the result is exactly like you, because due to the fact that lighten hair will be different on a dark and streaked tresses, the hair color will be more interesting and rich, with a striking iridescence.
If your hair was not just painted, to make them light brown unlikely to succeed on their own. After staining you will get different shades on the hair roots and on the painted strands. So you should go to salon and spend a wash previous coloring tools. Only after it can be painted in light brown. In addition, the wizard by miksovaniya different shades usually get the color, which is not in the standard palette of colors.
If you have received the desired light brown shade, in between coloring, wash the hair toning shampoo. Also, rinse hair after washing decoction of chamomile – it will not only strengthen the roots of the hair, but will also contribute to natural lighting.