Do not succumb to the misconception that confiscated property can be very cheap to buy. It is a myth. Cheap just what remains, so to speak, in a deplorable condition, and almost not suitable for further use. Confiscated - is not synonymous with junk. There may be truly valuable. The evaluation of the "value" is made by the bailiff on the spot, in accordance with the market prices in effect at the time of seizure. And the bailiff has every right to choose the best. Well, if can't be choosers, he may arrest the property, which at least theoretically can be sold. So when you buy the arrested property can be as the prices with one zero, and the price with three zeros. Don't be surprised. The price range can be very large.
If you have firmly decided for themselves to buy confiscated, first determine the purpose: what you want (bedside table, telephone or maybe a chandelier or wardrobe). In any case, to choose a product you will have a detailed description, not live, as they say. A list and description of the seized items you can find on the website of your regional offices of an organization such as "ROSproperty". This organization collects and auctions, through which there are houses, and lands, and cars, and even chandeliers. Sometimes even happens that the final price of a product may exceed its market value.
So, if you find the desirable object, to admire it you are unlikely, as the pictures so no, only a verbal description.
You have several options:
any way to contact with the bailiff, who was arrested this property, so he sent you to the debtor-owner you liked things;
either contact the former owner and to make an appointment and purchase. After all, most big things are not physically removed and stored the old owner just before sale. Thus for marketable things is responsible only to the conscience of the defaulter!
There is another possibility. Apply a personal visit to the company, which sells confiscated. And is already in place to discuss all the conditions of purchase.
The preferred form of payment – cashless payment by transfer to a Bank account. So the "stock" of the recipient of your money. After all, to pick up your purchased item, you can only after presentation of the payment receipt and contract of sale.