Such warning signs in all modern boilers, and many shopping centers and other buildings. An uninitiated person to understand the meaning of this inscription is quite difficult, as its style may offend the eyes of the Humanities. Actually place them not in vain, and certainly not to someone practiced in wit.

What prevents the inscription "Powder go away"

Such signs shall be fitted with not just places where people, and especially those that have automatic fire suppression system that responds to smoke and temperature rise. In the event of threats of fire, she starts spraying water, the use of which is not possible in all areas, and a special powder. As you know, to put out the fire, it is sufficient to restrict access of air to the fire source. This is the powder due to its composition and provides the fire that is the cessation of airflow.

Of course, getting the same tool on the skin and in the human respiratory tract can have serious consequences for health and life, because one minute before spraying powder and included the inscription "go Powder" and "Powder, do not enter" at the entrance. Seeing that ignited these labels, you should immediately leave the premises.

Should we consider this inscription is illiterate

Thus, the words "go" and "do not enter" facing, of course, not to the powder, and to people who should not be in this room during the fire fighting. By the way, because they are not separated by a comma that would seem right. But the phrase still seems mysterious and strange, and someone ambiguous and ridiculous.

But since the objective of this scoreboard is very fast and clear to inform people about the danger and suggest a course of action in an extreme situation, with this task it copes. In fact, if on the doors of the buildings was grammatically correct announcement: "Dear citizens! In the building where you are, starts the fire, and extinguishing it... " etc. — this would be even more ridiculous.

Of course, to get into a situation where this inscription will light up and will have to urgently leave, do not want anyone else. But those who still had a chance, I assure you that when danger threatened the meaning of the strange inscription "Powder go away" once it becomes clear, but the urge to postoperative immediately disappears.