Advice 1: What does the expression "the sky in diamonds"

The phrase the sky with diamonds, one can often hear in conversation, while it can be used in several senses. The knowledge of the meaning of this expression will allow you to understand what I wanted to convey to you the source.
What does the expression "the sky in diamonds"
The appearance of the phrases about the sky in diamonds traditionally associated with the name of the great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. It was deposited in the mouth of Sony, one of the characters in the play "Uncle Vanya." But the original meaning of this phrase was markedly different from that given to this expression in our day.

The original meaning of the phrase "to see the sky in diamonds"

In the already mentioned the play Chekhov's words about the sky with diamonds sound enthusiastic, they heard hope for a better future, even beyond the grave. Sonia says that all evil, all suffering, drowned in mercy, and people finally get some rest, hear angels and see the night sky.

Thus, the initial value of this expression can be regarded as a positive, although quite sad. After all, to see the sky in diamonds, according to Sony, will be possible only after death.

Unfounded optimism and self-confidence

Shortly after writing the Chekhov play "Uncle Vanya", the expression "to see the sky in diamonds" began to take on a different hue. It does not reflect faith in a better future – on the contrary, he began to associate the senseless hope for something unattainable. To say about the man is that he sees the sky with diamonds, then publicly declare his empty dreams, project-mongering, nothing justified optimism.

So the said expression has acquired a new meaning, ironic. In this sense it is often used now.

Aggression, warning of future troubles

It is very interesting that the phrase "to see the sky in diamonds" was gradually transformed into another popular option – "show the sky with diamonds". In this context, the expression "I'll show you the sky in diamonds" or "I'll see the sky in diamonds" has emphasized threatening aggressive nature. Very close in meaning to this phrase famous phrase "I'll show you Gruel" and "You know me, Fuckers".

It should be noted that a third option today you can recognize the most common. The use of the phrase "the sky in diamonds" in an ironic context, occurs more rarely and quite rarely – in the original Chekhov, promising something really good.

Given that almost the same phrase can have completely opposite meaning, for its proper understanding is necessary to assess the context in which it is used. Indeed, in one case, someone's promise to show the sky with diamonds can promise something really good, while the other definitely portends serious trouble.

Advice 2 : What does the name Sonya

In fact, the name Sonya is a short form of the name Sophia. The second option is the full form of the name Sophia. The translation from Slavonic into Russian language sounds like "wise", "wisdom", "intelligence", "science". It is curious that at the present time the name Sonia gets its independence.
The name Sonia translated as "wise", "wisdom", "intelligence", "science".

The meaning of the name Sonia in childhood

There is a humorous version that the name Sonia reflects the traits of its owner, associated with an incredible desire to sleep. It is no accident that dormice called late risers, and lazy people. Of course, this is just a joke. The owners of this name is neither lazy nor sleepy. Sony is a wise and prudent woman. At least so runs the translation of their name from the Slavic language.

Since early childhood Sony exhibit will power and determination. They listen to the advice and warnings from parents, however, come at the call of his heart. Sony don't particularly trust unfamiliar people, but at any moment can come to the rescue to the suffering of others. In the childhood of Sonia are compassionate girls and unable to shelter in the house as a street cat and a dog. These girls are growing delicate and refined natures.

The meaning of the name Sonia in adult life

From the little Sony grows quite a confident girl that knows what wants from his life. Many holders of this name with age justifies its value by becoming smart women with a strong character. In his professional life, Sophia can make a good career. Usually Sony achieve their goals, choosing the most straightforward path to your dream. Many of them are quite sociable, so can easily fit in a particular work team.

Sophia always gives a report of his words. Before you say anything, it will weigh every word. These women are not lovers of idle talk. Moreover, they despise the various windbags and gossip. Another remarkable feature of this name is the ability to listen and rasshivat disputes and conflicts between people. Some say that Sophia is born to be the arbiters. In everyday life, Sonia reveals itself as a good hostess. She carefully monitors the state of your home, but also pays great attention to his family.

It should be noted that the role of the wife Sonia manage to work. The fact that your husband sees it not as an object of adoration and worship, but as a regular addition to the family and to his image. The winner of the name believe that the head of the family is a woman. Fortunately, feminist beliefs can be traced in the character of not every Sony.

The variants of pronunciation of the name Sonia

Full form Sony – Sofia or Sofia. His European variant of pronunciation – Sophie. Diminutive forms are Sof'yushka, Sophie, Sonia.
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