Remember that the data you normally use to log in to your e-mail Inbox. Initially, you will prevent builds in the address bar of the browser the URL of the server, then when the website loads, enter in the form of a username and password. It is clear that password in the ' not included, but the login is usually the same user name, and URL (of course without the "www") domain. For example, if you registered on the server under the login tinyuserlikeothers, your e - mail address
Check your guess by sending any message to the address defined in this way. If it comes back to you, then you have identified it correctly.
Some servers offer, in addition to username and password, and also choose when entering from multiple domains. Which one you used to choose, this is your Inbox.
Some users accustomed to working with their mailbox only through a special program and not through the web interface. If the program is set up so that the login is carried out automatically, such users often forget not only the password but also the username and domain. To know the last two parameters can be entered in settings of this program (how exactly depends on what program is used). They are in the section on accounts.
On some servers during the registration process, you can optionally get the user name (included in the contact address) that does not coincide with the login. In this case, to find out your address by going to the Sent items folder and opening any of the messages. Your address or at least the name of the user (depending on the server), likely to be in the "one."
If this graph doesn't seem any address in whole or user name, only a nickname (on some servers it happens), you will have to define your email address in an indirect way. Send a friend the address of the mailbox where you know the message, and then ask him to tell you what address it came.
You can also register another account on another server, this time carefully writing down the address. On it send a message with the old address, the address of which you want to learn. When it will come in a new box, you immediately know his address.