You will need
  • dumbbells, barbell, horizontal bar
Pull up on the bar. This will help you to stretch the bicepsto develop them wide and give them a neat round shape. However, some pull-UPS biceps mass you gain will not need special exercises with the weights.
Stand up straight, better the wall, take a barbell grip bottom, arms shoulder-width apart, brace your elbows on the sides. Bend your arms lifting the barbell to the shoulders. To raise the bar you need with the voltage of the back muscles, but at the expense of the biceps. Do not rock or bend the back. Never lift the Griffon, using your elbows, they should always be pressed firmly against the body. Make a short pause at the top, then return to the starting position. Make sure that the rod is not hung and is not hung at arm's length. Do not lean back when performing exercises, don't straighten the elbows. Keep the tension in trained muscles.
Pick up a dumbbell, turn your hand to yourself. Keep your hand near the hip. Lift the dumbbell upward, turning the brush. The final turn of the brush do the top. Lower your hand down with tension, watch for smooth movement.
Put the hand with the dumbbell on the bench. Bend the elbow, slowly pull the dumbbell up to shoulder level. At the end of flexion much strain your biceps. Unbend the arm very smoothly, without jerks.
Sit on the bench, spread your legs shoulder width apart. Put your hand weight on the thigh (inner side) near the knee. Fully straighten the arm and start bending. You have to lift the load until it stops. Maxing out your muscle and return to starting position.
Select two exercises that you like the most. Perform two to three sets, performing eight to ten repetitions. When time practice at least once a week.