You will need
  • - rod;
  • - dumbbell;
  • gymnastic beam;
  • - training for development of muscles of hands.
Use to increase biceps comprehensive program consisting of exercises with burdenings. They include lifting bent at the elbows hands with dumbbells and a barbell, pull-UPS from the provision of visa on the bar, lower the cravings using the unit. The main condition to work out biceps an increase in the weight of the shells, and the correct technique of performing tasks.
Performing exercises to develop biceps, you should ensure that movements were not sharp, but smooth. To avoid involvement of other muscle groups, use of so-called isolated exercises. To do this, when performing lifting barbells at the expense of arms, you can lean back against the wall, and when lifting dumbbells to use an angled stand that allows you to fix the shoulder.
Combine exercises to increase biceps with exercises for developing upper back, which actively engage in the work of the muscles of the arms. Remember that hands should be developed proportionally. Training should also include exercises for triceps and developing arms that are considered "stubborn" muscles.
Working with dumbbells, follow the correct position of the elbows. They should not be placed forward or to the side. Recorded at the elbows lift the dumbbells will be most likely to contribute to the building mass of the biceps.
Pay special attention to pull-UPS. The easiest at home way to increase the biceps. Perform chin-UPS, changing grip width from narrow to wide. This will involve all the muscle bundles. To study the top of the bicep, use a pull-up reverse grip. As training increase the load, attaching to the sash weights.
Correctly pick up the load. For the growth of the biceps the weight of the projectile should be such that it allows you to make not less than 8 and no more than 12 reps. A small number of repetitions will work on hand strength, and a large number of them contributes to the development of General and power endurance. In each exercise make 5-7 attempts to resolve (of sets).