Advice 1: How quickly pump up the biceps

Aspiring bodybuilders are wondering how quickly pump up the biceps. Also interested in this topic of athletes involved in for a long amount of time, but managed to achieve a significant increase of these muscles.
How quickly pump up the biceps
The impressive biceps size is an indicator of good physical shape body Builder. But not all people are interested in power sports, can boast a serious amount of these muscles. The reason for this is the wrong approach to training.

Very efficient in pumping of the biceps shows the methods of reduction of weight to drop. At the beginning of training, you need to choose a sports projectile with the maximum weight that can lift 10-12 times. After the first approach, the weight should be reduced by 5-10 lbs, then repeat the exercise.

The third approach you need to choose the shells more easily. Using this method will allow you to pump your biceps, increase their volume and make them more prominent.

Exercises for fast pumping of the biceps and increase their tone

To undertake barbell reverse grip. The legs should stand strictly on width of shoulders, elbows need to squeeze the body as tightly as possible and lay down, his legs stretched out straight. Shell positioning the hips.

To raise his chest slightly bent hands, then lower to the starting position. Exercise to do slowly. The head should not be lifted before the end of the approach.

The following exercise performed on a bench in the sitting position. Hand positioning on the shell straight grip. Lift it up until the hand and forearm will meet the shoulders. Then return it to its original position.

When doing exercise for biceps with dumbbells will need an incline bench. She should sit at an angle of 45 degrees. Hands with shells to hang freely with the palms outward, away from the body. Tightly clutching the elbows to sides, raise dumbbells simultaneously to the shoulders. To lower them slowly.

What to avoid when you exercise?

You cannot perform exercises with a straight wrist. Before you use the rod it is better to slightly tilt them down. Pay more attention to muscle than the increase in load. Slow exercises and well-chosen load give good results, allowing you to quickly pump up your biceps.

Training cannot be effective enough without factors such as balanced diet and proper rest. Muscle mass is increased directly after a workout, when the athlete regains his strength. An important factor is the maximum possible elimination of stressful situations, maintaining a healthy and regular life.

If a bodybuilder for a long time is under stress, it the endocrine system in large quantities produces cortisol. It is the hormone that stimulates the loss of muscle mass and accumulation of body fat.

Advice 2: How fast to fly to pump up the biceps at home

The biceps is a good visible, the large muscle located on the front surface of the shoulder. Many athletes most of their attention in sports devote this muscle. Useful tips and exercises will help build up your biceps at home for a short time.
How fast to fly to pump up the biceps at home

Helpful information

The biceps in its structure, has two beam or head. Long – located on the outer, front part of the arm. It starts from the glenoid fossa (upper edge of the blade). Short head starts from the shoulder blade, but passes closer to the inner part of the arm.
Arm bending at the elbow joint, the primary function of the bicep.

If you are starting out, it is not necessary to perform the exercises every day. To develop muscles should gradually. Just 2-3 workouts a week for 40-60 minutes. Remember: muscles are like classes using strength and high reps.

Exercises for biceps

One of the most simple and effective exercises that you can perform at home, lifting dumbbells. In this case, you can pump up the muscles of the forearm and the bicep. This activity involves during the lift the rotation brush with the turn out. This technique leads to a drastic reduction of the biceps.

To perform the exercise, accept the initial position. Stand up straight. Feet position shoulder width apart. Keep the dumbbells in the lowered hands inward. Take a deep breath and hold your breath while raising the dumbbells up. Start the reversal of the brushes, when the forearm will be parallel to the floor surface. Please note: the dumbbells should be lifted as high as possible. Repeat the rotation of the brushes in the reverse order, lowering the dumbbell. Go back to the original position once the elbows are bent at a right angle.
When performing this exercise, try to keep your elbows stationary.

"Spider curl" is an exercise in bending of the arms with an emphasis of the elbows. It has several variations of execution. General technique – tilting body with a free dangling hands. This exercise is excellent for pumping, shoulder muscles and biceps.

To complete the exercise at home sit on the edge of the bench or stool. Make a tilt forward, spread the legs shoulder-width apart. Press your elbows into the inner thighs. Hands grab the bar narrow grip. Perform flexion and extension of hands. The exercise should be repeated 15-20 times in 2-3 sets.

Alternate bending of the arms with dumbbells also contributes to the pumping of the biceps. The exercise involved the upper section of the pectoralis major muscle, anterior deltoid, biceps, shoulder and brachioradialis muscles.

Stand straight or sit on the edge of the bench. In the hands take your dumbbells, turning your palms inwards towards the trunk of the body. Follow the breath in and hold your breath. Bend one arm at the elbow, turning the brush on and lifting the dumbbell. At the end of the movement exhale. Repeat, alternating hands.
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