You will need
  • Barbell, dumbbell
Despite the obvious convenience of home workouts, to hold them better in the gym because they have all the necessary equipment, and at any moment you may resort to the competent assistance of a coach.
Do not overload the biceps high volume of loads is important here is the ideal technique of doing an exercise. The biceps are a small muscle, they require careful training.
Pick up the weight weights so that you can perform a set number of repetitions is extremely technical.
Select any two exercises from below are suggested and do two sets of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise. Train your biceps once a week at any suitable time for you.
Bending hands with a barbell standing up. Grasp the barbell with a medium grip and slowly and controlled raise it to chest level. Hands expand in the opposite direction from a direction, this will help to stretch the biceps and accelerate its growth. Slowly return the barbell to the starting position. Avoid breakthrough body, keep your back straight.
Alternate bending of hands with dumbbells standing up. Take two same weight dumbbells and stand up straight. It's original position. Slowly bend one arm. Dumbbell raise you need to stress the bicepsand do not rock the body, so you ease the workload on the muscles. Making a distinct pause, return the dumbbell to its original position. Do the same movement with your other hand. This will be one repetition.
Concentrated lifting on a biceps. Sit on the edge of the bench and spread your legs widely. Rest your hand on the inner thighs, lower the arm so that the elbow was below the knee. Isolated stress the bicepsand raise the dumbbell up, squeeze the biceps, then straighten the arm. Isolated effort means that you need to do the exercise using only the power of the bicepsand not shifting the load to other muscles of the body.
Follow these tips and very soon you will become the owner of beautiful and powerful biceps.