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In sports to pump up the biceps means to maximize its weight, taking into account individual needs. Recommended to pump both beam and radial muscle evenly. In contrast to a power load on large muscle groups, pumping biceps should not be divided into training of strength, shape and mass.

It is understood that training the biceps, overall muscle mass isn't increased. The burden falls on the specific group of muscles. Therefore, formative and basic exercises should be combined. To do it best, alternating between different exercises in training.


Bending hands with a barbell are deemed to have been basic exercise to pump the biceps. It is accented on the internal beam of the biceps as it is more long and strong. That's because to effectively pumped biceps, you must train it. Since the internal beam is the longest, respectively, the amplitude of movements should be wider in contrast to the external pumping beam.

Another useful tip when bleeding the internal beam is the output of the elbows when performing flexion with a barbell. This solution will allow more effective to pump the biceps. During exercise, the elbows should be tightly pressed to the body of the body. While bending and straightening of the arms must be slow. This exercise will allow you to gain the mass of your biceps.

When pumping biceps special emphasis should be paid to training the external beam, as it was originally weaker. By the way, this power
the load is forming a part of this class. In order to uniformly pump the biceps, one should not neglect the study of the external beam.

Unlike internal, external beam shorter. It is recommended to train in a short rapid amplitude. To correctly perform the exercises, in this case, you must shoulder blades together and elbows to try to hold back. Thus, you will reduce the range of motion.

Training exclusively beams, it is possible to pump up the biceps, but it is much better to include training and exercises on radiation muscle. She raises head of biceps up, making them higher, is responsible for the thickness of the hands. The pumping radiation muscle no peculiarities. The only caveat exercises should be performed with perfect technique. But this comment concerns the training of all muscle groups. When you exercise, you should not throw dumbbells or swing weight. Regular exercise and proper technique – the key to success.