The principle of increasing muscle size

Before explaining the approach to training should pay attention to basic concepts about the process of recruitment of muscle mass.

The opportunity to gain serious muscle mass only appears when the individual tries to live in a particular mode: to eat need to weight food, to sleep the required number of hours in the day to do exercises, from which you can get maximum returns.

The primary goal of any bodybuilder is the principle of "3 points": nutrition, sleep, exercise. Each of these items gives roughly 33% of the 99% in which the remaining one percent is something between luck or mad zeal.

It is hardly possible to meet a professional weightlifter or bodybuilder who would have trained the same muscle is very often during the week - some are working one muscle only once in 10-14 days. The fact is that from six to nine days into full recovery and growth of muscle tissue after damage, which occurs during exercise.

The biceps, as the muscle more aesthetic purpose, rather than physiological, is growing along with the whole body - it is not possible to pump 70-inch biceps, with thin legs and neck.

Standard program element for pumping the biceps - 2-3 exercises for one workout per week, number of sets and reps which can vary greatly depending on the goals and types of exercises.

For people who do not gain mass and are on the path of "drying" there is a difference in number of sets and repetitions performed on biceps exercises - they shake it up more to dry muscle tissue and acquire the terrain.

Split is one of the ways the pump body

The split program has established itself as the perfect program for bodybuilders-beginners and professionals. All her genius in simplicity: each workout for the week, you can enter the different muscles (except the press) without performing the same exercise.

As practice shows many athletes, it is a split program helps to achieve not only weight loss, but harmonious and proportional increase of the muscles of the athlete.

According to the content of most split, pumped biceps with triceps or separately from all other muscles of the hands.

Note: during a workout, you cannot work only one part of the body - you need to perfectly match certain types of muscles of all body parts in one day to pump the forearm, chest and back, another to pump the quads, biceps and neck with press, etc. Just following this rule will allow you to harmoniously develop muscle is that they often work on the same part of the body will drain it, not giving him a chance to recover before the next workout.