You will need
  • fabric, filler
To sew the cover on a cushion, decide on the choice of fabric and pattern. If the case you are using an old cloth, acstyria it and apply the iron. New fabric is also water and apply that to shrink before you sew the covers.
Measure the dimensions of the pillow. Cover the stitching with a zipper to make it easier to remove for washing or replacement. Lightning is better to sew from the back side, where it will be invisible. Make pattern on fabric: front part of the cover is equal to the size of the cushion +1.5 cm on each side seam. Because in the back of the case will vivatis the zipper on the long side of the pattern add more allowances on the zipper of 1.5 cm, the back will get wider front side 3 cm Mark the cutting line a shallow or a thin remnant.
Cut the fabric into 2 pieces. The back fold in half and cut on the fold line. Frayed edges. Fold the two halves of the face inward and astrocyte the middle line from the edges to such a length that the unsewn portion corresponded to the length of zipper. Flatten the seams with an iron, vsheyte in the incision with a zipper, sewn front edge. Both paintings fold the face inward and astrocyte on the perimeter, retreating from the edges 1.5 cm Remove the cover inside out and razlejte the seams with an iron.
A pillow you can sew it yourself, of arbitrary shape and size. Pillow-case to use a special thick cloth. As a filler you can use foam or batting. For a child's room pillow can make round shape and cover to sew fur fabric. As decoration cut out two ovals of fur, fold them inside out out, astrocyte in a semicircle. Remove the face and vsheyte in the upper part of the cover – get the lugs. The case can be decorated with applique, which will depict the face of a kitten or bear.