You will need
  • - the fabric on the case;
  • - cushion upholstery (foam rubber, padding polyester, fur remnants);
  • - decorative elements (buttons, tassels, fringe);
  • - a sewing machine.
Decide the size of the future pillow. Consider where the pillow will lie if it should be contrasting in color with the sofa. Maybe you want to make a few short pillows candy. Promerita the length of the future roller, the radius and the circumference.
Calculate the necessary amount of tissue. If you plan to make a cushion with the "tails", then add to the length of the desired number of cm on the tails. The width of the piece of fabric must be equal to the circumference of the future product, plus 3-4 cm at the seams.
Purchase required amount of fabric and detail of the decor. Keep in mind that the thicker and denser the fabric, the harder it will be to collect it in ponytails. And much crumbling at the edges of the fabric difficult to process and can spoil the look of the pillow.
Cutting the material. You have one long rectangle (pillow with tails) or a rectangle and two round parts on the ends. If the fabric is dense enough to enhance its cushioning tissues should not be.
Pillow - candy. Fold the rectangle in half, how many needles and baste on the long side. Prostrochite on the machine. Remove the basting and the needle. The short side sweeps, with tucked fabric in half, to avoid fraying the edges. Route engine line. Can do decorative double line of thread of a different shade.
Pillow with flat ends. Take one item - a rectangle the size of the cushion and two of the circle equal to the diameter of the ends. Detail of the middle part of fold the face inward and prostrochite on two sides 5-7 cm to the point of closure (buttons or zipper). Seam Ratatouille and vsheyte the zipper or buttons (buttons). Side round details sew to the middle, folding them right sides inward. Divide the stitches evenly. Turn the finished cover on the front side.
Make a filler. Foam, padding polyester, or any remnants of fabrics make roller. To do this, roll the foam roll and sew along the long side to hold the shape. Carefully put the cylinder in the finished cover tightly and tamp it remains fur scraps or pieces of batting.
Decorate the finished product is decorative cord, carefully tying it at the ends of the pillow, or sew the tails. Also pillows can be decorated with embroidery, to embroider with beads or beads. If the roller is planned in the children's room you can decorate it with appliqué to make a funny cat or dog, a Dachshund.
How to make a pillow cushion