There is such a thing in stores is quite expensive, and after some time need to use it will not, so the best option is to sew a pillow for pregnant women with his own hands. Moreover, it does not require special skills of needlework.

To calculate the amount of necessary material, you need to determine the shape and size of the pillow. The biggest of them has the shape of a letter "U" and wraps around the body on both sides. The average length of this pillow about 120cm, so you will need about 2.5 metres of fabric with a width of 120 cm Pillow in the form of "I" will require half of this amount. Little helper pregnant in the form of a "C" placed just under the belly, and so it will have enough cut to 70-80 cm in length. Naturally, the size of the pillows can vary depending on the desires and needs of the pregnant woman.

When choosing the material from which will be sewn pillow for pregnant women, special attention must be paid to its naturalness. As the case can be used silk or cotton, and filling the cushion will need a padding or fluff.

You can sew on the pillow maternity pillow that will be easy to wash in case of contamination. The color of the material for making pillows for pregnant women with their hands it is better to choose a delicate, floral or solid colors to bright colors do not interfere with sleep mom and baby.

The pillow is sewn from two identical parts, cut the mirror to each other. For the pattern pillows for pregnant women will be convenient to fold the piece of fabric in half. Make the drawing better on graph paper or tracing paper, and then cut it out and ironed onto fabric. The translation patterns, you must leave a margin of 1.5-2 cm for seams.

The cut parts are to be folded to face each other, secure with pins and baste, leaving a hole for stuffing. If you have the opportunity to sew a pillow for pregnant women is better on the sewing machine, and in case of its absence it is possible to do it manually. After extended thread basting, cushion base, you can turn tightly to stuff and sew.

Similarly, cut and sewn covers for the pillows. You can insert a zipper for easy change or end to make a small overlap of tissue, as is done on the pillowcases.