You will need
  • - a large sheet of paper (a piece of Wallpaper or newspaper)
  • pencil
  • - scissors
  • - dressmaker pins
  • filler
  • - fabric for the inner pillow cases
  • - fabric for decorative cushion covers
  • - striped long-pile faux fur
  • - sewing machine
Draw on paper the pattern of your pillows. It can be a heart, then draw a heart shape with a pencil. If you have a square or rectangular pillow, use a ruler for drawing your pattern. Don't forget to do the seam, 1.5 cm from each side. Cut out the pattern.
Attach the pattern to the fabric for sewing the inner pillow. Pin around the perimeter of tailor's pins. Now you can transfer the pattern to the fabric with a pencil or a piece of soap. And if confidence, cut out two blanks of the attached form, pre-folded the fabric in two layers.
Sew on a domestic machine a pillow case so that there is a hole in which you can stick your hand squeezed it with a filler cushion. Fill the pillow with scraps of fabric, thread, pieces of polyester batting or cotton batting. Keep in mind that when you use a pillow trampled and become not as puffy as svejesobranna. A hole through which you fill the pillow, sew manually
Attach the finished pattern to the fabric for decorative pillow covers. Attach the pattern with pins. Add to each side of 2 cm and cut out the front piece. Outer pillowcase should be slightly larger than the inner.
Fold the paper pattern in half and pin it to the fabric. Make allowances for seams, 2 cm on each side. Vykroyte another one of the same item. The rear portion of the decorative cushion covers consists of two parts. In the middle of the pillowcase will be the incision through which is inserted inside the stuffed pillow.
Fold the average cut on the back of the pillowcase and sew it on the machine. Then fold the workpiece decorative pillow case face inward. If you are planning on the edge of the pillowcase to put the fur trim or fringe, don't forget at this stage to put them all together to sew on the machine. Insert the stuffed pillow into a decorative pillow case. At any time the outer pillow case can be removed and washed.