You will need
  • - Sewing machine;
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - needles;
  • filler cushion;
  • - lightning;
  • - paper patterns.
Cut a paper square the size of the seat the chairwhere it will lie pillow. This box you will use as a pattern.
Take the details of the pillow-case. This of dense fabric cut out the pattern two parts of the same size. To the size of the pattern on each side add inch seam allowance. Slices treat any hand or machine overlock seam.
Baste, then stitch the details of the pillow-case, leaving four inches unsewn on one side. Remove the basting seam, turn the pillow-case and through the remaining unsewn edge tamp it a suitable material. Easier and more economical to fill the pillow with unnecessary scraps of fabric, but the pillow will be very heavy. As a light padding material is quite suitable hollofayber. Fold inside the seam and sew the hole through which he laid the padded material.
Cut the pattern in four squares. Cut eight identical parts of the fabric you picked for decorative pillow cases, leaving a inch seam. Below the sections not rained, treat them overlock seam.
Baste and stitch the four parts, which will be the top side of the decorative pillow case. Pull out the basting thread and Tutuila item received. Do the same with the four remaining pieces of cloth from which work the bottom side of the pillowcase.
Fold both sides of the pillowcase, right sides inside. Sweeps details and prostrochite them on three sides. Remove the basting stitch, remove the pillowcase. Vsheyte the zipper to the side, which is left unsewn.
Wash the pillowcase and slide it onto the pillow.