Fabric, patterns

Start sewing a pillow with matching fabrics. It is not necessary to go to the store. Maybe your child has grown, but left his blanket in white or blue color? It is perfect. To create a design thing from plain white sheets. If you have a piece of pink fur fabric with a small pile, velour, flannel, you get a soft and pleasant to the touch product.

Take graph paper or a piece of cardboard the size of 50Х30 see a Pencil draw the cloud. Scalloped hem complete with cups, glass. Turn the utensils upside down. Bowl is committed to ensuring bulging waves, glass – concave. In this process allowed a complete improvisation. You can portray the cloud the way you want. Fans of correct forms can fold the cardboard in half lengthwise, draw a wavy line on the top and sides, cut along the planned path. Now the sheet is bent and in front of your eyes with a symmetric cloud.

Cutting, sewing

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Attach the finished mold to the underside. Cleave it with pins on the fabric. No strong pressure on a simple soft pencil, outline the contours. Remove pins and pattern, cut along the pencil lines, leaving on all sides 1 cm allowances for seams.

Frayed edges with zigzag stitch or overlock. If cars is such an operation, when at the same time you can create a seam and then to a buttonhole, use it. If you can't handle the edge, the hands do not want, do not worry, you can leave them natural, but sew between the 2 halves of the pillow-cloud you need. Don't forget to leave on one of the small sides of the unsewn space equal to 10-15 cm

Through it remove billet pillow on the front side. This hole will help in filling of the product. Put a light synthetic padding. First it should be cut into small pieces. Distribute the filler evenly. Take a needle and thread to match, sew on the arms hole. Pillow-cloud ready.


If you sew for a child, want on one side of the product was applique, create it in advance. After you have made the cutting was obatala edge details, proceed to decorating. The idea for the application will prompt children's picture book. Transfer the pattern on the fabric.

Attach details of an application to fabric of the right color, cut without seam. Now place them on the front side of one of the parts of the pillow-clouds and sew the overlock seam. You can attach a piece of red tape, making it framing a smiling mouth, pricecat the usual seam. Blue ribbons will be the eyes. A cheerful face cloud ready.

If these ways of dressing are not suitable for you, attach an adhesive applique iron. Then stitch detail cushion, leaving a gap, put through a light filler.

The child will love it. On the pillow with their favorite characters, he will fall asleep faster. And adult like a handy thing.