What to drink red wine?

Red wine should be room temperature, not below 16оС. It is poured into the convex glass on a thin stalk of medium height. Red wine is perfect for red meat, their bright flavor complements the strong smell and rich taste of the meat grilled lamb, beef. It is customary to drink with grilled dishes or kebabs. Dry red wine goes very well with white chicken meat – it's too sweet compared to the tart taste of the drink. Although other birds, especially fried poultry, wine perfectly drinkable. Also good with pates and dishes of spicy minced meat.

The combination of red table wine with fish is not considered to be classic and simple, but some connoisseurs appreciate it for its interesting taste to the ensemble. But to choose a fish to be careful – it is advisable to take fatty salmon, tuna or sea trout.

Dry red wine you can drink with almost any cheese, especially low fat types. All meals with cheese in the composition can be combined with this wine: lasagna, spaghetti, pizza. For a lighter meal with wine will suit ripe sweet fruits – peaches, nectarines, pears, plums.

The combination of dry wine with egg dishes, also sometimes drink it with soups, light broths are not suitable – it must be a rich soup with lots of fat.

The hotter and spicier the dish, the better it goes well with red wine, so it is great for meals in the Mexican and Indian. But don't get too fond of spicy food: the more aromas and flavors in the dish, the harder it is to feel the taste of the wine itself.

What to drink semi sweet white wine?

White semi-sweet wine, on the contrary, a great match for fish – not a single connoisseur of good alcohol or a foodie will not give up from a combination of the slightly cool white soft drink with a fish in tangy sauce. Perfect for the white tender meat: chicken, veal. This wine can be drunk with red meats, especially game, but for a shish kebab from mutton, pork or beef is better to choose red. White semi-sweet wine is a great choice for any dish with cream sauce, this drink perfectly complements its delicate creamy taste.

Good white wine with a light mild cheeses, sausages, seafood, foie Gras, desserts. It is important to choose white wines light, not too spicy and not spicy dishes, as this drink with a delicate aroma, which is easily eclipsed by the smells of the various spices.