Choose the dishes properly. Such a noble drink in any case it is impossible to pour into a glass or glasses. Purchase a set of glasses for wine, which may have different size and shape. Is considered a classic wide and high glass volume of six hundred milliliters in the shape of a Tulip.
Let the wine "breathe." Before you pour a drink, open the cap and leave it for half an hour. This technique gives him the opportunity to reveal a whole bunch, hidden in a dark bottle. Serve red wine should be at room temperature (cooling not accepted).
Emphasize drink different kinds of cheese. The classic combination has been known since ancient times, it will bring a true delight to connoisseurs of wine. There is a rule that light wine is served with a gentle taste and smell of cheeses, the sturdy is perfect for spicy varieties.
Combine it with meat dishes. Tablespoons red wine suitable for lamb, veal, game, poultry, pork. Dry served with steak, filet, entrecote, escalope.
Pick a winebased on its sweetness. Remember, when serving it with dessert it should be sweeter. Very sweet drinks do not combine with desserts.
A wine with a rich bouquet, and so a complex taste and aroma, should be served with simple dishes. To emphasize the need to either dish or drink. Simple wine, served to the complex and intricate food, help food to be absorbed and not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.