Production technology of French wines

Wine is the oldest alcoholic beverage known for 7 years. French wines are a kind of standard of quality and a guarantee of great taste. The technology on which made wines, well – known beverage obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice. The characteristics of the wine depend largely on the grape variety, place of growth, sugar content and, of course, aging.

The noble French wines should be aged in special casks for a minimum of 4 years, after which they are bottled. However, too old a wine loses its taste, and some wines are best drunk young.

The main French red wines is a wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy. The popularity of these varieties are justified – they are noble taste and fragrance and also have healing properties. Bordeaux is a wine of the highest quality, which is recognized worldwide. Burgundy wines are considered the best in France and are distinguished by their rich ruby color. Semi-sweet red wine contains 9-14% alcohol and 30-80 grams of sugar. This wine is weaker than fortified, but sweeter than dry.

How to choose a French sweet red wine

As stated in French law, a bottle of quality French sweet wines must be the year of harvest on the label and shall contain not less than 85% of the wine produced in that year. Also the label indicates the color of the drink, its type, variety name, trademark, features of this type, the location of the vineyard, and in the case of limited sales and number of bottles.

The cost of wine depends on its elite. So, there are table wines, not intended for very demanding customers. Sometimes table wines made from a mixture of different crops. At these wines do not specify the year of harvest and place of production. Vin de pays – a wine that meets certain quality standards. The grapes for its production is going in one of the 130 districts of France, and the name of the wine with the same name of the area. These wines are subject to mandatory verification prior to implementation. Vintage wine is wine of the highest quality. They are produced strictly in a certain area, are obligatory tasting, meet the most stringent requirements.

The pride of French wine are wines of the highest category – the rules of production and technology is enshrined in law. These wines undergo quality control by special organization and are produced only in a certain place from grapes growing in a particular vineyard.