Wine, unlike other alcoholic beverages, must clearly be combined with a dish which is an accompaniment. Red wine goes well with meat, especially beef and game. Lightweight, milogradovsky it is allowed to baked fish or chicken. The shade of red also love all the dishes are prepared using tomatoes. It should be borne in mind that a large number of pepper and other sharp spices contained in foods, you need to drink semi-sweet, traditional dinner is fine or even an excellent aperitif dry. The percentage of sugar and the fortress directly dependent on of the food served.
To the beginner it is difficult to navigate in the rich assortment of wine, but after tasting each bought a bottle it needs to pay attention to the specified in the label of the area in which the grapes are grown and bottled in containers of a given liquid. It will give preference to wineries that produce the best quality and aromatic drink. For starting you can settle for the information that the Italian province of Tuscany is considered the standard of wine production, France is in the same way boasts of its "Bordeaux" and "Burgundy," and America is "Oregon" and "Monomoy".
Some prefer to be guided in the choice of the terrain, and the variety of wine. It is not only certain varieties of grapes, some varieties are their blends, that is suitable for the composition of the combination. They have different strength and flavor, although the majority come to the same dishes. The most popular is the "Cabernet Sauvignon", presented in so a variety of price range that it can be bought for 200 rubles, and for a few thousand. Next on the falling of the fortress are "Pinot Noir" and "Merlot", a higher degree, ideal for deep-fried meat and barbecue, has a "Zinfandel".
Despite enshrined in the film industry believe that the taste quality of any wine is only improve, not all drinks support this dubious rule. Actually it all depends on the type and method of manufacture, and only experts can tell whether to keep a particular bottle. Some drinks extract does not dye, so do not buy them for the future, for example, silver wedding marriage registration. Would be a bummer if after knocking out the plug on "the newlyweds" smell is not a noble aroma, and the smell of sour vinegar. Manufacturers who value their reputation, before selling wine stand for a sufficient time, so bought a bottle need in a few months serve.