From vine to glass

Absolutely all semi-sweet red wines are included in the group of table wines, with a volume of alcohol of 9-14% sugar content of 3-7 g/100 CC in the finished product. An ideal raw material for the production of quality red wines, serve red, pink and blue-black grapes.

For the preparation of the original wine of the material mixture or one variety of grapes and crushed the berries with seeds and peel. During fermentation of the crushed seed and skin are formed tannins (tannic components) and natural colouring pigment is needed to obtain fault. It is at this initial stage and laid most of the properties the future of the beverage. According to the regulations, the colour of red wines can vary from solid pink to deep red when a light astringency and a fruity-floral aroma. The name flashed ready wines and varieties of used grape — Kokur, Muscat, Saperavi, Riesling, Isabella, Feteasca, Merlot, etc.

Divine nectar

The best red wines in the former Soviet Union produces Georgia. The age-old tradition, the ideal climatic conditions for grape maturity and high sugar content in the berries, literally provoke local winemakers to create a heavenly drink. Khvanchkara, Kindzmarauli Kindzmarauli, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni worthy decorate any feast.

• Khvanchkara, the year of the first spill — 1932.
The most famous natural sweet wine is made only from varieties of mujuretuli and Aleksandrouli, growing in the mountain vineyards of RACA. A distinctive highlight is a deep, dark red wine is surprisingly thin taste with a wonderful floral-fruity notes and a slight hint of raspberry.

• Alazani valley, the year of the first bottling – 1977.
Made from red grapes agapes, " and Saperavi growing in Western and Eastern Georgia. This sweet Georgian wine is served slightly chilled with cheeses and desserts. Has a refreshing delicate floral notes and a subtle pleasant taste.

• Akhasheni, the year of the first bottling in 1958.
Made from only one grape variety Saperavi, grown in Kakheti. Is characterized by a moderate astringency and dense dark cherry color. In his aftertaste, velvety chocolate tones, ideal to fruit and cheese.

• Kindzmarauli, the year of the first spill – 1942.
Famous naturally semi-sweet red from grapes Saperavi. Rich Burgundy - wine red, the color of ripe pomegranate with a special bouquet and a strong pleasant aroma.