Red wine contains a number of important for the health and lives of people elements. First of all, amino acids and chemicals that are necessary for the normalization of metabolism, development, growth and protection of cells. In addition, red wine contains magnesium that stimulates the heart muscle; iron that saves from anemia; chromium, contributing to the synthesis of fatty acids; zinc, normalizing acidity; rubidium, deducing from an organism of radioactive elements.

Use red wine for medicinal purposes

Due to the high content of nutrients, red wine is actively used for medicinal purposes. It supports heart activity, dilates blood vessels, prevents atherosclerosis, lowers cholesterol. If you consume red wine regularly, it gradually withdraw harmful substances from the blood vessels.

Red wine that contains a lot of tannins, helps with gastrointestinal disorders and promotes the excretion of toxic substances.

Those who suffer from anemia, it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of red wine a day. Deficiency of red wine will provide the body with essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins.

For the treatment of colds, flu and even pneumonia, a good mulled wine (a drink of hot red wine). Red wine improves blood. In addition, the wine stimulates the appetite, normalizes metabolism (which in turn, helps to normalize weight, improves the work gastrointestinal tract.

Red wine improves sleep, slows the aging process. It helps to prevent cancer diseases, treat tooth decay and gum disease.

Moderation – the guarantee of health

In the use of wine should be careful: no more than two or three glasses a day for men and no more than a half for women. Ideally enough for one glass during dinner. You also need to remember that good health brings only natural, high quality wine made from ripe red grapes. Such wines can be attributed to the French "Cabernet", "Sauvignon", "Pinot Noir". The latter, incidentally, is a kind of "elixir of youth".

However, the abuse of any, even the most high-quality wine will bring, rather harm than good, turning its healing properties in harmful. Not stopping to listen to the French (as they are known, are big wine connoisseurs) who joke that wine can cure all diseases except alcoholism.