To change the structure of the hair, wash your hair with shampoo that gives the hair volume. For best results, you can do hair mask, it will make the hair thicker and will not weight your hair.
Visually change the structure of the hair will help you a special color. Make a weave of multiple strands, it is better to trust the professionals.
Perming is also a good way to give the hair volume. But don't forget that after this procedure, the hair needs special treatment, because after this installation they experience severe stress. You will help the shampoo made from ginseng, green tea.
The scalp also needs nutrition. It is useful to RUB into the scalp oil of nettle or rosemary. Also a great tool will be the mask of burdock oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Use special protective creams and sprays that do not require rinsing. It is advisable to purchase them in shops of professional cosmetics. You also need to use them in hot weather, as the sun's rays injure the hair.
A good haircut not only beneficial to emphasize the dignity of your hair, but also change your image. If your hair falls out or they look lifeless and no masks do not help, you will have to trim the hair short to the roots was not so hard.
Many salons offer a new service - lamination of hair. Hair covered with a special product that forms a protective film. It will help you save power and volume to the hair for a few months.
Modern and professional cosmetics will help your hair to have an attractive appearance, there are many well-known folk ways: mask of egg yolk, bread, burdock oil. But remember to hair easily fit into the hair, elastic, strong and look great, care for them daily.