You will need
  • Hairdryer;
  • pad;
  • comb with a few teeth;
  • round comb;
  • tool for installation;
  • gel;
  • air conditioning.
The easiest way to get rid of curly hair – how to do short haircut. But we should remember that not everyone fits the cut "under zero". To do this, you must have the perfect head shape, the ears are pressed evenly and not sticking to the sides.
If you are not at risk to shave off his hair, then we will suffer. Hair straightening using a hair dryer or flat iron. The dryer holds the position of leader in hair styling.
Carefully comb the hair comb with rare teeth. Apply to slightly damp hair styling the hair and start straightening. The hair from the bottom seize a round comb, (take a strand is not too thick, so she was well warmed up), gently pull back from the head, and the top aim for this strand of warm air. And slowly pull until the comb reaches the end of the section. Do the same with the other curls.
The second method is a hair straightening using a flat iron. This fixture is not so many years, but it has firmly entered into the everyday life of fashion. Working with him is easier than a Hairdryer, but the principle is the same. The individual strands are inserted in the pad and gradually draw it out.
Both way retain the effect of straight hair until the first wash. And then the procedure must be repeated regularly.
The chemical method, carried out in the salon, gives a more lasting effect. There are tools that allow you to straighten the hair forever. But think first, maybe it will take time and you again will want to have luxuriant curls. In addition, the salon professional will select the right composition, corresponding to the type of your hair. But keep in mind that chemical exposure is not observed for hair. After chemical straightening hair need to carefully care, to restore their structure.
For hair care use specific tools and then, after rectification you will have less to pay a visit to the hairdresser.