What is feathering

Speaking in simple words, bistrigna strands in different length, that is, their depression is cutting out. It is interesting that with its help, the specialist can create gorgeous voluminous hair, or Vice versa - to remove the density of hair that allows hair to always look attractive.

Throughout life the hair grow and fall out, where the hair fell out, immediately there is a new, for this reason, the length of the hair is different. The professionalism of the hairdresser is the ability to maintain and properly form the correct proportions regrown hair. For this purpose, use thinning.
Not recommended for thinning to very thin hair, because if it is done poorly, hair restoration takes a very long time.

For this procedure, use special scissors – thinning, they consist of small denticles. Some barbers use a razor or scissors.

Basically mill your bangs to give it volume, but it is also possible to profile the entire length and ends of hair. Consistently, the wizard closes his curls with a pair of scissors, while sostikuemsa only part of the amount due to the specifics of scissors.

Ordinary scissors to make thinning more difficult and, according to some clients, and even painful, it is also dangerous – one wrong move can cut off all the curls. To work thinning razor much easier. Between scissors and razors there is an important difference: the first mill only dry the hair, and the second is wet.
Many believe that the thinning is causing irreparable damage to hair. However, this is not so, provided that you meet all the rules and the process is carried out by skilled craftsman.

The thinning – for and against

Customers of beauty salons often wonder: "How harmful to thinning hair?". According to most women, this procedure causes a further section of hair. According to the hairdressers with extensive experience – thinning is only beneficial and gives hair a fresh, interesting look.

Yet it is worth remembering that the thinning does not suit all people, the question of its use is decided depending on hair type . Dense strands need this procedure to keep healthy. If your hair is thin, but Shine with health, it is also possible to apply thinning, and special scissors and not a razor, especially with scissors. Exhausted and weak hair thinning definitely contraindicated, it will not bring benefit, but only harm the hair.