Take vitamins to improve hair growth. But do not rush immediately to the pharmacy, after all, necessary for hair growth substances can be obtained from food - you need pROSTO to reconsider your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables, especially yellow and green, eat nuts, cheese, seafood. Cook light salads, tucking their plant, and the best olive oil. Useful for beauty and hair growth drinks: green tea, milk, clean drinking water.
Do self-massage of the scalp - it improves blood flow to the hair follicles. It is best to combine this massage with rubbing in the roots of nutrient oils or infusions of herbs. It is best to carry out this procedure for half an hour before washing your hair.
Using burdock or olive oil, you not only accelerate hair growth but will also strengthen them. Pronounced effect has the use of alcohol tincture of pepper (sold in any drugstore), but be careful during a massage do not touch the face, especially protect your eyes.
Prepare the healing herbal infusions: especially useful nettle and chamomile. Pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of dry mass, let it brew under the lid for at least an hour, strain. RUB the infusion into the hair roots before going to bed. Great accelerates hair growth juice of aloe (agave). Massage during a massage of the scalp, preferably overnight.
Make a mask for better hair growth. Apply them on damp, clean hairon top of the plastic cap and towel. Soak the allotted time, then rinse thoroughly the hair with warm water with a small amount of shampoo.Mask with mustard – the perfect remedy to stimulate hair growth. Mix a Cup of yogurt, egg yolk and a tablespoon of dry mustard. Instead of egg yolk you can take a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Keep the mask on your hair for twenty minutes.Strengthens hair, gives Shine and elasticity, improves growth mask on the basis of beer. In half a glass of beer, add a tablespoon of honey, mix well and gently reheat. Keep on hair for at least one hour, better two hours.Yeast mask. A small piece of fresh yeast-half packs of dry mix in a quarter Cup of yogurt, for density can add colorless henna. Stir, keep the mask on your hair at least half an hour.Any of these masks will improve the condition of your hair, accelerate their growth, the hair will be shiny soft and silky. Do these masks regularly, preferably once a week.