Advice 1: How to reduce the amount of hair

Your hair is often frizzy and hard to fit into the hair, and flowing not always look good. To get rid of unnecessary volumeand in various ways, choose the one you best fit.
How to reduce the amount of hair
You will need
  • shampoo for oily hair;
  • - conditioner;
  • electric pliers;
  • - means for hair styling.
Resort to a radical method – the haircut if you have long hair. Make a waterfall, or cascade debut. Length from that not much affected, but the volume is somewhat reduced. Short hair will help the feathering. In any case, a consultation with the hairdresser won't hurt you. Refer exclusively to large beauty salons that are popular, so you do not regret about what you did bad hair day.
Try to change your shampoo and conditioner if drastic action you disagree with. In the market you can find tools, smoothing the hair structure and reduce their volume. Look closely at the instructions from the manufacturer, you should see the appropriate label, e.g., "Smoothness and radiance". But shampoo is not able to greatly reduce the volume, except that the hair will become more silky and manageable.
Use hair to reduce their volume. Pull the curls when it is really necessary. Using the meter you can only visually reduce shock to the head. Use only high-quality tongs, otherwise you will damage the structure of the hair, which will cause even more problems.
Model the hair with gel, foam or wax as you want. And if you have healthy tresses, the result attach using dryer, Curling iron or Ironing.
If all this does not help, then, unfortunately, nothing to do. It all depends on the structure and type of your hair. In any case, do not worry and look for the positive side in this.
Useful advice
Sometimes an excessive amount of hair is associated with their health. If the scales of the tresses are damaged, the hair looks messy. Try to restore your hair with the help of masks and balms. It is possible that after this their volume will be reduced.

Advice 2: A cappuccino or coffee maker - what to choose

Who of contemporary people refuse to treat yourself to fragrant coffee for Breakfast? Regular home coffee makers allow to prepare this popular drink, quickly and easily, but some connoisseurs believe that a coffee machine or a milk Frother make coffee more tasty than the standard kitchen appliances. So what unit is best to choose for making a refreshing Cup of coffee in the morning?
A cappuccino or coffee maker - what to choose


One of the most popular coffee recipes today is cappuccino-espresso with soft milk foam. It is easily prepared with the help of a milk Frother, which is a nozzle attached to the coffee machine or the coffee maker. After you enable the "cooking couple" coffee machine whips milk into foam by using special nozzles called "panarello". After that, the appliance brews coffee and connects it with whipped milk cream.

The cappuccino machine needed to machine could whisk the milk froth in coffee without a cappuccino this is not possible.

There are automatic and mechanical cappucinator – autocappuccino and panarello. The difference between them is that autocappuccino adjusts the clearance in the hole, leaking milk, and it has a pipe that descends into the vessel of milk. Fast-moving steam creates pressure differences in pulverizatorah cameras and retractable in a cappuccino the milk is mixed with steam. Mechanical a cappuccino steaming milk in a separate container, then moves the resulting foam into the Cup.

The machine

Modern coffee machines are more complex devices than cappucinator because they have a set of additional important functions. In automatic devices have built zhernovaya grinder, which allows you to get the correct grind of the beans – it needs to be a bit rough. This allows to preserve the taste and aroma inherent natural coffee bean.

Coffee, cappuccino and lattes are prepared in the coffee machine automatically and with minimum effort and time.

The machine is equipped with a display informing about the existing modes and programs that govern the enabling and disabling of the device at a specified time. The big advantage of the machine is an automatic rinsing and cleaning water often stagnates in the supply pipes of the device. In addition, the coffee machine alone reminds you to clean their systems – enough to put it in a special detergent, and the device automatically runs a cleanup program. Descale the coffee machine is performed timely replacement of the tablet and the replacement filters, not giving chlorine and heavy metals to enter the unit.

Thus, a cappuccino is more than a simple analogue machine, which, however, cannot fully replace this convenient and necessary tool.

Advice 3: Bald men: how to restore hair

Alopecia is a hair loss in large quantity. Such a violation is more common in the strong half of mankind. For hair restoration men experiencing a variety of techniques and tools.
Bald men: how to restore hair

The causes of baldness

Usually men start to go bald from the top and front of the skull. Many women bald man seems more sexy and attractive. But most of the stronger sex if you notice such problems concerned with hair loss. This often leads to the appearance of complexes.

Causes of alopecia or abnormal hair loss are:
- taking certain medications;
frequent stressful situation;
- unbalanced diet;
- a hereditary factor;
- some diseases of the body.

Effective means of hair restoration

To prevent further hair loss and hair restoration are used 4 methods:
- operating method;
- antiandrogen therapy;
- physiotherapy;
- local stimulation of hair growth.

Operative intervention usually is used when the extensive hair loss. Depending on the area affected, and individual characteristics of the organism are different ways of recovery. For example, with a little hair loss, it is recommended to carry out the procedure of stretching the skin with normal hair growth. Also used transplantation of hair follicles from one part of the head to another, whereby it is possible to completely restore hair.

Antiandrogen therapy is an influence of special preparations on the area of baldness. It should be noted that this technique is not recommended for young men because it can cause a number of side effects. For example, there may be problems with erection and weight. There are softer drugs, but they are used in combination with other methods of hair restoration.
Local application of alfalfa, evening primrose, clover, avocado oil or jojoba resume the growth of hair without side effects.

Physical therapy is designed to improve blood circulation in the cells of the scalp. For this reason, aktiviziruyutsya nutrition of hair follicles, leading to rapid growth. A common device for the home the procedure is a laser comb, regular use of which leads to growth stimulation.
To achieve the effect of a laser comb is recommended to do 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.

Stimulants for local action, designed to preserve the existing hair and the growth follicles. Typically, this method is effective in the early stages of alopecia, when the hair follicles are still alive. If the bald spot appeared for a long time, do not expect positive dynamics, because stimulants do not work on dead follicles.

As domestic promoters can be used means on the basis of honey, mustard, and red pepper. They improve the nutrition of the skin and stimulate blood circulation, due to which you can easily get back the lost hair.

Advice 4: Chandeliers or spot light: compare and choose

To repair the apartment and an interesting interior plays an important role lighting. On the market now you can find lots of different devices and gadgets that are not only functional, but also attractive. Such fixtures include chandeliers and spotlights. And often, people face a difficult choice.
Chandeliers or spot light: compare and choose


Spotlights can solve a lot of task lighting in the interior. With their help, you can give the apartment an interesting decor, the room to provide additional light source to increase the space in the room. Besides spotlights help to highlight certain areas in the room. For good lighting in the room need to pick up a certain number of lamps. This number depends on some settings: lamp type, diameter, type and power of the lamp, the presence or absence of the reflector.

However, in order to proceed with the installation or the installation of spotlights is necessary to have proper knowledge and skills. Hardly ignorant people will cope with this procedure. Even calculating the number of fixtures is best left to professionals. The undoubted advantage of halogen lamps is the variety of colors and style solutions.


Chandeliers are divided into two main types: suspension and ceiling (overhead). A ceiling chandelier is mounted on a plate attached to the wooden plate. For this purpose, screws and screws.

Choosing a chandelier, it is important to pay attention to the long rod mounting. This will greatly simplify the adjustment of the chandelier and its installation will be more reliable in several times. Before stretching the film, be sure to check the wiring, because then to make its removal will be impossible.

Problems encountered with the installation of chandeliers and lamps

By installing in your house the light source, often people face a variety of challenges. We can distinguish three most frequently occurring troubles.

The first problem people encounter when installing lighting in the interior – a peculiar smell from the chandelier. The reasons for this trouble may be different. To avoid this, you should immediately check your passport chandeliers, paying attention to the tolerances of power. Also under heat lamps source of the odor can become arbolitovye or plastic cartridges. It is better to replace the ceramics.

The second common problem - the melting of the surface of a stretch ceiling. This trouble arises, if properly chosen power for lighting.

Another, a third, a problem that also often is torn film when replacing the lamp in the embedded lamp. This issue occurs due to incorrect installation of the mounting ring.

It is better to choose the chandelier or the lamp?

The choice of lighting in the apartment is fully dependent on individual preferences. Of course, the chandelier looks richer and gives the interior some style. But spot lights are more functional in the sense that they can be used to solve a lot of problems. Also the lighting can be installed perfectly in any room. Chandelier, for example in the bathroom, it will look out of place.

Advice 5: Burn the hair in the sun: ways of solving problems

It was a hot time. All going to barbecues and out to sea. It's all very well, but there is one small problem – at the sun burn the hair, especially for brunettes and brown hair. If the skin can be protected from sunburn different creams and sprays, the hair situation is much more complicated, but it can be solved.
Burn the hair in the sun: ways of solving problems

That will help keep the hair color under the sun?

The first and easiest way is headpiece. To vary with the hats you can, as soon as they like. There are a different number of hats, beach and front. You can tie a shawl, scarf or bandana. But not all summer take place in the headdress, because sometimes it is hot and uncomfortable, so the option is temporary.

Protective spray for thermopacking. Every girl has to deal with appliances for styling (Curling irons, straightening irons and other devices). All they spoil the hair, under high temperature they also burn out and fade. Spray protects hair from the sun, on the same principle, even when exposed to high temperatures, the pigment of the hair does not change, but the color remains the same. Just spray on the hair before going out or going to the beach.

Lamination of hair. This procedure involves treatment of hair with a special drug. After lamination, every hair if placed in a special transparent membrane, which protects it from exposure to the environment, including from ultraviolet rays.

There are more available, and most importantly, natural remedies hair from fading. Beer. This product is in every store, but not all benign. Hair best fit dark draft beer. Soak the sponge in fresh beer and thoroughly soak the hair, then dry them Hairdryer. With this way the hair will not look greasy and dirty, beer will give protection from both the sun and from the aggressive saline seawater.

Eggs. Separate the protein and apply it on clean hair. After 5 minutes rinse with water. Protein forms a protective film on the hair, and you can safely go to the beach without fear that the hair can lose color and become dimmer.

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