You will need
  • shampoo for oily hair;
  • - conditioner;
  • electric pliers;
  • - means for hair styling.
Resort to a radical method – the haircut if you have long hair. Make a waterfall, or cascade debut. Length from that not much affected, but the volume is somewhat reduced. Short hair will help the feathering. In any case, a consultation with the hairdresser won't hurt you. Refer exclusively to large beauty salons that are popular, so you do not regret about what you did bad hair day.
Try to change your shampoo and conditioner if drastic action you disagree with. In the market you can find tools, smoothing the hair structure and reduce their volume. Look closely at the instructions from the manufacturer, you should see the appropriate label, e.g., "Smoothness and radiance". But shampoo is not able to greatly reduce the volume, except that the hair will become more silky and manageable.
Use hair to reduce their volume. Pull the curls when it is really necessary. Using the meter you can only visually reduce shock to the head. Use only high-quality tongs, otherwise you will damage the structure of the hair, which will cause even more problems.
Model the hair with gel, foam or wax as you want. And if you have healthy tresses, the result attach using dryer, Curling iron or Ironing.
If all this does not help, then, unfortunately, nothing to do. It all depends on the structure and type of your hair. In any case, do not worry and look for the positive side in this.