You will need
  • - boric alcohol
  • - cotton swabs
The main causes of ear pain is otitis media and adenoids. It should be wary if you or your baby developed a cold. Rhinitis passes, and the infection remains and is close to ears.
The occurrence of otitis media occurs against a background of colds, various diseases okolonosovyh sinuses, chaotic use is not compatible antibiotics, low immunity, allergies, severe hypothermia.
Ear pain is not always about the disease. For otitis media pain will go away for three days and the inflammatory processes continue for about two weeks. Old proven remedy is to treat the ear boric alcohol. Means though "ancient," but actual and in our days.
Ordinary boric alcohol sold in the pharmacy. The contents of the vial are heated to a warm comfortable temperature and buried in the ear 2 drops three times a day. Then insert in the ear is thin flagella. If the pain is gone, it does not mean that you recovered fully. Ear infection is very insidious.
To treat ear boric alcohol is necessary during the week, then seem at the advice of a doctor. ENT to find out whether you should continue treatment or you are completely healthy.
With timely treatment the patient's ear, otitis media ends in recovery, but if the body is weakened, it can quickly become chronic. From the ear will constantly go purulent discharge and significantly reduced hearing. A more serious complication is inflammation of the middle ear, the development of meningitis.
The main rule of successful treatment of otitis media is to cure the disease to end. Not SuperCool and moderate intensity of physical activity. If otitis proceeded with purulent secretions, the hole, leaving the pus may not be delayed. Try not to swim and not dive in water or take precautions that water does not leak into the ear.