You will need
  • - Boric alcohol;
  • Vata;
  • - compress paper or film;
  • - drops or otinum;
  • - vasoconstrictor nasal drops.
Contact if you experience pain in the ears in children to the doctor and completely follow all of his recommendations. The pediatrician or the ENT will examine the child and prescribe treatment. Acute otitis media in most cases responds well to conservative treatment with antibiotics with simultaneous treatment of the nasopharynx and the use of ear drops.
Treat runny nose in a child, as it is the main reason of emergence of children's otitis media. Try not to bury the child ear drops to a medical examination, so as not to "smear" the true picture of the disease. Besides, the baby can be damaged eardrum, in this case the drops will fall into the cavity of the middle ear and can cause damage to the auditory nerve. The doctor will determine the integrity of the tympanic membrane.
If immediate medical attention for any reason, try to minimize the pain experienced by the child. Drip into the baby's nose vasoconstrictor drops - naphazoline, nazivin, xylitol. They reduce secretions from the nose and improve the patency of the auditory tube.
Can be inserted into the ears with cotton swabs soaked in a little warmed boric alcohol. If no purulent discharge, drip a few drops otipaks or otinum. They must be heated to 36°C. place the vial for a few seconds in hot water, and then check the degree of heat, dropping the medication on the inner side of the elbow. When buried, the cure, pull the ear back and upwards to straighten the ear canal.
Make a hot compress on the ear of the child, it will help to reduce the pain. Lubricate the skin around the ear liquid paraffin, soak in warm vodka or Bourne alcohol cloth, wring and place it around the ear. It is convenient to use a napkin with a cut-out hole for the ear. From top, apply plastic wrap or a special compress paper, then a layer of cotton wool and primenjuje to the head. Keep compress one to two hours. It is advisable to carry out this procedure twice a day until the disappearance of pain. You may give your child painkillers - paracetamol, ibufen in pediatric dosage.