You will need
  • drops;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - mineral oil;
  • - pipette;
  • - alcohol.
Purchase the right medicine

Ear drops are anti-inflammatory drug, to designate which doctor otolaryngologist. You should know that most ear drops contain corticosteroids and antibiotics. Haphazard use of these medicines can lead to the fact that the bacteria that caused the inflammation will become insensitive to the action of the drug. In this case, otitis media may become chronic stage.
Thoroughly clean external ear canal from sulfur with a cotton swab. If the ear canal is very dirty, it is recommended to pour a bit of paraffin oil and thoroughly massage the ear at the base. Wait 10-15 minutes and then clean. Mineral oil does not irritate and does not dry the skin, but dissolves sulphur and brown. To use alcoholic solutions to clean the ear canal is not recommended.
Prepare drops. You should know that the temperature of bury medication should match the body temperature. If necessary, you can warm the medication by placing the bottle in warm water.
Wash your hands. If the bottle is not provided pipette, prepare it separately. Make sure to clean the tool. If necessary, disinfect it by wiping with alcohol.
You should know that to bury the medicine in the ear must be lying on its side. Only in this case drops freely held in the auditory canal.
Dial the number of drops in the pipette. Typically, if the doctor has not appointed another, in one ear should be drip 2 to 5 drops.
Maximum straighten ear canal by pulling auricle up and back. You should know that in the treatment of children up to two years to pull the ear must be down and back.
Insert the drops so that they descended along the wall of the ear canal. Let the patient lie down to the original position for 2 minutes. Massage the ear after instillation is not recommended.