Lightening hair with peroxide. Put one tablet peroxide in a glass container and macerate it and add a tablespoon of water and a small piece of soap. Then pour a mixture of a tablespoon of ammonia and mix thoroughly until the foam. This solution apply on hair and leave on for fifteen to twenty minutes. After clarification will soften the skin a moisturizing or emollient cream. Remember that this method is not safe, so you should use it with caution.
The bleaching is possible using a conventional hair dye. The principle use here is the same as when painting hair. But be careful when choosing the tone and color of the dye. After the procedure, the hair can acquire an undesirable color. To avoid it, and you can keep the mixture on the hair a bit less time than on the head. Don't forget to test the skin tolerance of the colorant. To do this, apply a small amount to the skin and to evaluate the result.
Lighten hair by using cosmetics. This procedure is usually carried out in special shops. In this case the skin does not suffer, but it will cost a pretty penny. There are also a lot of special gels, creams that lighten the hair on the legs. They can be purchased in the store, but first consult a dermatologist.
There is a natural way to bleach hair on legscan be done in a broth of lemon, chamomile, calendula, honey, vinegar and alcohol. And every day lubricate this part of the hair. Try also to mix twenty grams of cognac with egg and spoon of yogurt. Apply this solution on hair legs. The use of folk recipes do not hurt the skin, but the result may not be a hundred percent.