Advice 1: How to lighten a mustache with peroxide

Dark tendrils on the face of girls do not look quite aesthetically pleasing, and get rid of them completely is almost impossible. The solution to this situation may be lightening of hairs with ordinary hydrogen peroxide.
How to lighten a mustache with peroxide
You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide 6%;
  • - ammonia;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - q-tip;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - baby cream.
Conduct bleaching in a similar way to those who are not allergic to hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. To test this, squeeze the skin of the hands drop these components and wait 10-15 minutes. If the place is not red, not itchy, and you feel fine, then you can use this method of disguising unwanted hair.
Mix a solution of teaspoon of 6% hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of ammonia and 1 drop of liquid soap or foam for shaving. Then a cotton swab, apply the product on antennae, trying not to touch the mucous membranes of the nose and lips. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
After this time, rinse the solution with water with a few drops of lemon juice. Due to the special properties lemon juice also helps to lighten hair.
Because of hydrogen peroxide on the skin may experience slight irritation, and she blushes. To resolve it, let it dry, and then be sure to apply a baby cream. He will remove the inflammation and make the skin more soft and hydrated.
Repeat this procedure daily for several days. After that, the hairs white, will become more delicate in structure and less noticeable.
There is another way. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and wipe them antennae for 5 minutes. Then carefully wash your face, spread the skin baby cream. This should be done 3-4 times a day for 3 days.
Clarification of antennae hydrogen peroxide is more suitable for white-skinned girls. In the dark face bleached hairs will be very noticeable. In addition, this method some may not produce the desired effect - it all depends on the pigment contained in the hair. In this case it is better to seek help from a professional cosmetologist.

Advice 2 : How to lighten mustache

A girl with perfect face complex because on the upper lip they have prominent antennae. In certain situations they give the charm, but all the rest - better to get rid of. For example, to lighten.
How to lighten mustache
Clarified whiskers on the upper lip or the supra (it is also used for the hair), or hydrogen peroxide, or special whitening cream.
To lighten the supra in a small non-metallic bowl, mix a little powder supra and oxidizer. After that apply the mixture to hair and leave on for a few minutes.
Make sure that the supra didn't get on the delicate skin of the lips and mucous membranes.
Bleaching with peroxide of hydrogen acts on the same principle as lightening the supra - pigment of hair is destroyed, as a result, they are discolored.
If you decide to lighten hair bleaching cream cream, mix it properly in a non-metallic bowl (carefully read instructions). Cream largely the supra and peroxide because the active component can simply mix (not extinct proportions). But cream can be an allergic reaction (due to its constituent components).
If you have dark hair (including on face), refrain from bleaching. The hairs will still look unnatural because it will be lighter skin tone.
Such hair can be removed with wax. You can find special wax strips for the face, which can remove excess hair quickly and almost painlessly.
Before application degrease the skin and after you remove the hairs brush the peach butter.
If you have sensitive skin, be careful - can start irritation.
For sensitive skin better suited to method of hair removal. The procedure of unwanted hairs on my face now it is possible to spend in many shops. But before you go make sure its reliability.

Advice 3 : How to bleach hair above the upper lip

Facial hair adorns a woman, so the dark hairs have to do unobtrusively. Some prefer wax, some shave, others are satisfied with the discoloration of hair over the upper lip. To choose the way that suits you, you have to try several.
How to bleach hair above the upper lip
You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lighten cream;
  • - ammonia.
Purchase in store special cream for bleaching facial hair. When applying, follow the instructions that invested in packaging facilities. The procedure is performed quickly and simply. You usually need to apply the cream on the problem areas and wash off after few minutes.
The most common means continues to be the hydrogen peroxide. To bleach the dark hairs on the upper lip, mix a teaspoon of bleach and five drops of ammonia. Add to the mix a little liquid soap or foam, so that the mixture became creamy. The mask is easy to apply on the problem areas.
Before you do this procedure the first time, put some of the mixture on the inside of the hands and leave on for 10-15 minutes. If a negative reaction is not followed, apply the product directly on the problem area. The skin that is close to the hair brush nourishing fat cream.
Cotton swab apply a lightener, wait 10 minutes, rinse with cool water. Oily or cream will help prevent skin irritation. If the end time of the procedure has not yet come, but you felt an intense burning, rinse the part before. Repeat the discoloration a few days after 3-4 sessions the hair on the upper lip will become much weaker and thinner.
If you lack time, you can use a more simple way. Wipe every day, the dark hairs above the lip of the usual hydrogen peroxide, it will give a positive result with the regular procedure.
Hair dye with a lightening effect will help to cope with your problem. Just remember to test every new product on skin sensitivity and allergic reaction.
When very thick, dark facial hair, you should consult a endocrinologist, because they can be a symptom of a serious illness. If health is all right, such a hair is best to remove.

Advice 4 : How to bleach the skin in the intimate area

Many women have unpleasant aesthetic problem - a darkening of the skin in intimate places. To get rid of this problem in the beauty salon or at home using traditional recipes. Consider the most effective recipes that help lighten the skin in the intimate area.
How to bleach the skin in the intimate area
Parsley great fights with pigment spots and lighten the skin. To prepare the lightening masks of parsley you need to chop a bundle of fresh herbs in a blender, then squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. In the fresh juice of parsley add 2 tbsp sour cream or expired yogurt. Mix thoroughly and add a few drops of lemon juice. Ready mixture is applied on the problem areas and keep for 7-10 minutes, then rinse with water. This procedure is recommended 3-4 days, maximum 5 times a day.
Cucumber is also known for its whitening properties. To prepare the cucumber mask, you need to grate a small cucumber on a fine grater. Add to grated cucumber 1 tbsp of moisturizer. Then with a cotton pad apply the prepared cucumber mixture on exciting places and wash off after 15 minutes.
Perfectly whitens the skin and white clay. Take 1 tbsp. of white clay, add a little cucumber juice and juice of parsley leaves. Mix thoroughly and add a few drops of lemon juice. The mixture apply on problem areas (pubic area, armpits) and rinse with cool water after 15 minutes.

Advice 5 : How to bleach a mustache above the upper lip

The hair on the upper lip can appear not only stronger sex, but women. If you start to bother with this problem, it's time to visit an endocrinologist and try to bleach your peach fuzz.
How to bleach a mustache above the upper lip

Whiskers on the upper lip: remove or discolor

There are many ways to remove a mustache above the upper lip, but they, unfortunately, have a number of contraindications. The cost of the procedures is kept at an affordable level, and to hold them at any beauty clinic equipped with the equipment.

Discoloration of antennae allows to visually hide the lack. In addition, over time the hairs become thinner and gradually fall out. The procedure has one drawback – it should be carried out from time to time. It is worth noting that allergic reactions are not excluded in people with predisposition. In fact, it's worth a try, if free time for shopping at cosmetic clinics yet.

Method of bleaching antennae

If you are used to choose the easy way out, then contact a special whitening compounds that can be purchased in stores. The cream will help to quickly lighten up and have a good antennae, eastonite them and partially destroying the bulbs. To use the funds should be in strict accordance with the instruction.

Ready lightening compositions gently affect the skin, rarely cause irritation and other side effects. They do not apply to broken skin. Use the creams need to regularly – one treatment is not enough.

To lighten hair on the face is possible by means of hydrogen peroxide. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in the solution, apply to problem area for 20 minutes. After be sure to wash and apply a nourishing cream.

Some prefer to use hydrogen peroxide with shaving cream. In this case, you will need a teaspoon of cream and the same amount of peroxide. Mix thoroughly and apply to the skin. Wash off after 20-30 minutes if much it stings, immediately.

If you have coarse hair on the upper lip, add a tablespoon of the peroxide a few drops ammonia and some liquid soap. Mix and saturate a cotton pad in the resulting solution. Apply it to skin and leave on for 30 minutes.

If you experience severe irritation does not hurt to take antihistamines and to smear the skin of sea buckthorn oil. If your symptoms persist for several days, consult a dermatologist for the consultation. Women with extremely sensitive skin to conduct experiments is not desirable!
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