To lighten hair chemicals harmful. And this is especially noticeable in thin hair, which is generally contraindicated for chemical exposure. It is known that by using vegetable dyes henna and Basma, as well as a decoction of onion peel, rhubarb and oak bark can be painted hair in red and dark tones of varying intensity. But here's what we can offer to make your hair lighter?

Such means is, let not many of them. Of course, going blonde from brunette using them would be impossible, but to lighten your hair two or three shades is quite feasible. While it does not hurt the structure of the hair, moreover, such procedures will play a role of mask, and can even strengthen hair, add Shine and improve appearance. Lighten hair natural remedies you can do this quite often for damage. From time to time will be some cumulative effect, that is, locks will gradually become even a little brighter.

The most famous natural way to lighten hair is using lemon juice. Squeeze a few lemons and apply evenly to the hair. The longer will not wash away the juice, the lighter will be the hair. To enhance the effect, well such a procedure carried out on a Sunny day, to be able to substitute the head for the sun. You can combine two things — clarification of hair and a trip to the beach, just opryshkiv hair spray the lemon juice and then went to sunbathe. After 3-4 hours it is advisable to carefully wash my hair, otherwise it can start to sting the scalp and hair will get too dry.

Well lightens the curls cinnamon mixed with honey. For lightening mixture you will need four tablespoons of cinnamon powder, two tablespoons olive oil, half Cup honey and warm water for dilution. All this mass should be spread on wet hair, to insulate and to walk about four hours. You can make this mask even at night: curls acquires extraordinary softness and silkiness at the same time with clarification on a couple of shades.

Many well-known lightening properties of chamomile. It can be used often and you need to keep only half an hour. 100 grams of dried flowers, pour two cups of water, boil five minutes, drain. Add in the broth, 30 g of glycerol. If you use not the entire mixture - you can put leftovers in the refrigerator for future use

Even more effective recipe for rhubarb vinegar. Rhubarb can be bought in the market or in the supermarket. Vinegar need only natural, grape or Apple. They need to pour the rhubarb to cover the top and boil for 15 min, filtered the Obtained composition can also be kept in the refrigerator, a little warming before use. Before each shampooing apply it on the head and keep from half an hour to two hours. For the cumulative effect in the first two weeks will have to do it constantly, and then as needed only at the roots.