Advice 1: How to paint hair in white color

Woman is a creature quite unpredictable. Sometimes, every lady wants to make a revolution in their world. The best way is to change the color of the hair. Paint them in white color , you can at home without having to rely to the experts.
How to paint hair in white color
You will need
  • Hair dye, comb, clips, vinegar, citric acid, hair
Buy paint in the store. Dilute the paint in non-metallic container, clearly following instructions. Then comb the hair, soak them and divide into 4 equal parts. Each part of the clamp. Be sure to wear gloves, to avoid soiling the hands.
Start painting the hair. First, apply the paint on the parting from forehead to nape, as it is the place most noticeable. Then gradually separating each strand paint mascara on her. After all, lift the hair up so that the air passed through them. Then comb hairto evenly distribute the paint. Next, rinse the paint, adding water vinegar and citric acid.
Any painting is a stress for hair. After staining it is best to take care of your hair. Every week do a hydrating mask to keep the structure and color of hair. Wash your hairusing a balm that will make your hair soft and alive.
Useful advice
Carefully follow all the instructions points.

Advice 2 : How to paint hair in white color

Lighthaired beauties at all times enjoyed great success in men. Thanks to color hair, their style gives the impression of tenderness, lightness. Also the light shades on the hair gives the woman youth and freshness. But as you know, going blonde is not easy, because discoloration really spoils the hair.
Blondes always attract the attention of men.
Before you color your hair in light shade and soberly assess their condition. And so if they suffer from excessive dryness and split ends, and if they are weak and brittle, discoloration, especially on a lot of tones, threatens to leave you without a luxuriant head of hair, as the hair can not withstand such a heavy load and simply break off.
If you believe that your hair is in good enough condition to support the change of image, then decide which way will be your transformation into a Sunny blonde. If you want to get a good result, ask for help to the proven master Barber who will determine what and how you paint in a light color. But experts are wrong, therefore, many women prefer to experiment on yourself at home.
What you need to know? Discoloration takes place in two stages: removing the dark pigment from your hair (just clarification) and adjustment of the light shade of hair coloring in your desired color). Natural dark hair can bleach and dye, then subsequent staining do not need to be. More complicated is the case with the previously painted in dark shades of hair, they need special clarification banderowski powders. The percentage of oxidizer for such powders is selected based on hair type and condition. Fine hair is susceptible to clarification, it is possible to paint using oxidizer with a low percentage (3% and 6%). Coarse hair with a strong natural pigment dye with oxidizer with a higher percentage (9% and 12%).
The weathering process goes through all the hair evenly. So you should apply the lightening mixture from the occipital region. The ends of the hair quite quickly become the light, therefore it is possible to paint them in the end, it is the same with the temples. The composition kept from 30 to 50 minutes. To determine the degree of lighten hair can wash fine and dry it.
After lightening, rinse thoroughly with water. Don't pick at them, as they are now in need of special care. The second stage of the transformation to blonde - hair color soft contact lenses paint. This procedure improves the appearance and structure of bleached hair, as it fills the void of the hair color pigments.
Remember that look beautiful just groomed blond hair. It's unlikely you'll impress stunning blonde, if you have dry tow yellow color on the head. So keep track of your bleached hair, you should regularly do moisturizing mask, use soft shampoos and balms, apply leave-in cream that protects skin from dehydration. Regularly cut your split ends. Then your hair will only please you.
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