You will need
  • Hair dye, comb, clips, vinegar, citric acid, hair
Buy paint in the store. Dilute the paint in non-metallic container, clearly following instructions. Then comb the hair, soak them and divide into 4 equal parts. Each part of the clamp. Be sure to wear gloves, to avoid soiling the hands.
Start painting the hair. First, apply the paint on the parting from forehead to nape, as it is the place most noticeable. Then gradually separating each strand paint mascara on her. After all, lift the hair up so that the air passed through them. Then comb hairto evenly distribute the paint. Next, rinse the paint, adding water vinegar and citric acid.
Any painting is a stress for hair. After staining it is best to take care of your hair. Every week do a hydrating mask to keep the structure and color of hair. Wash your hairusing a balm that will make your hair soft and alive.