Locate the breather. To do this, lift the hood and locate the square box, which fit two pipes: one coming from Monongahela, and the other from the air filter. In different cars it may be different, but the essence remains the same.
Remove the head part of the air filter, which is popularly called vozduhom. Pre-disconnect the vehicle – switch off the ignition and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Then remove the intake manifold, which is under vozdushnom and see you need a breather, which most likely is mounted on two bolts.
Unplug it and remove the cover. You will see a bump of oil, tightened on the stud. Unscrew the nut on the stud with the long head, but not remove it because it is fixed by means of special rings to the crankcase and put it back in the blind without removing the pan impossible. Clean the tube with a cleaning rod, which is the pitch of the wire. Check the breather plug, clean the brush at the entrance of the nozzle. The brush serves to quench the flame, which is formed by bad compression.
After procleaning it is necessary to check the breather, which is elementary. Start the motor and carefully remove the oil filler plug and the filler plug by hand. You should feel no pressure there. Have an assistant press the gas pedal, bring the number of revs up to 3-4 thousand and again a hand make sure there is no pressure. In this case, a little pressure can take place. If the breather is clogged and cleaning does not produce results, then check out the ring – they lay down.
Check the compression, which shows the state of wear of rings, cylinders. Before testing be sure to run the engine and connect the compression gauge. If insufficient measured value need to take action to eliminate the cause.
How to clean the breather