You will need
  • compressor;
  • - large capacity for water;
  • glasses;
  • respirator;
  • - gloves;
  • - battery acid;
  • vacuum plug.
The first signs of silting-up of wells is to slow the water flow with admixture of air, the crane begins to snort loudly and drenched you from head to toe. This is a signal that it is time to clean out the holeas in a short time the water flow is completely stopped. Especially if you do not take actions on time, subsequently you can not cope with cleaning and have the hole drilled in the other place.
The most effective way to resolve problems is to call professionals who drilled the well. They have powerful compressors, which will produce pipes blowing air or washed under high pressure water. To buy expensive equipment for repair of one well, very irrational, and challenge the professionals will be much cheaper. The more they give to their work a guarantee that next year's water problems will not arise.
If you decide to handle the cleaning on their own, will have to buy a compressor with at least 12 points. With a compressor it is possible to produce dry air outlet, which is not very effectively or with water under pressure.
With either method, you need to install on the pipe of the vacuum plug from the tube, pump the compressor up to maximum pressure, attach the hose to the cap and release all air from the compressor. Repeat this several times.
If attempts are not successful, then try to repeat the blow, but with the use of water pressure. As the water in your well or not its pressure is insufficient, fill with water a large container and using a compressor rinse well under pressure. Most often, this method helps if the filter is not clogged with deposits of salts of iron and lime. In this case will not help neither the first nor the second method of cleaning.
For such situations there is a third option, which is effective for any blockages, but very barbarous, and could ruin the pipes. Effective way of cleaning the well is filling her with battery acid, which is sold in any automotive store.
Be careful. Remove from the house children and Pets. Take personal precautions: goggles, respirator, gloves. Pour the acid, tightly plug the hole.
After two days wear goggles, respirator, gloves, pull out the plug, attach the pump, route the hose to the street and skip the water for 4-6 hours. After that it can be used for commercial purposes, but drinking - only after a month, passing through deep filtration system, for example a triple filter Aquaphor.