Remember that the carbon "amazing" valve, piston rings that have an extremely negative impact on their mobility. Ways to remove soot or decarbonize are divided into soft and hard. In the process soft cleaning soot exempt engine piston rings using the special composition added to engine oil. It should be used in about 100-200 miles before a full oil change. Don't forget that in this period you should operate the engine, avoiding the extreme loads. The lack of upholstery cleaning is that it does not affect the combustion chamber and the engine valve and is more of a preventative measure when changing the oil.
Hard clean is the main way to get rid of soot. The first thing you need to do is Unscrew all the candles. Then the pistons of cylinders set in the middle position, which lift one of the front or rear wheels and including the latest transfer, begin to scroll. The position of the pistons can be out with a screwdriver through the holes for candles.
Now you can upload pre-prepared liquid – approximately 25 ml with a syringe. The liquid reached the piston rings and dissolve Nagar, rotate wheel alternately in different directions with a small amplitude, causing the pistons will begin to move. The occupation is very laborious, and it may take an hour.
Then the gear disengaged, crank the engine with the starter for 10 seconds. This will be enough to remove the remaining fluid in the cylinders. Don't forget to remove the Central wire from the distributor cap and fix it to between ground and the end of the wire remained period of not more than two inches, you can then tighten the spark, reinstall the wire and start the car. Be prepared that after running from the exhaust pipe will go up in smoke with an unpleasant odor. After about 20 minutes of engine operation at idle can go.