Driving the car on a viewing hole or lift it using jacks and then secure it on stands. Carefully remove the trim tank, which is located in the trunk. Disconnect the sensor pointer level fuel. Remove all sources of fire, highly heated items.
Lay under the car some cloth or cardboard. Climb under it and remove the protection of the fuel pump and filter. Then unplug the fuel pump wire and insulate it. Start the car and wait until she stops - this is necessary in order to relieve the pressure.
Brush the connection of the fuel filter hose connection to the fuel pump and gas tank. Wipe these surfaces with a damp cloth. Then remove the screwdriver fuel filter clamp and remove the hose that goes from gas tank to fuel pump. Immediately substitute the canister and drain the gasoline, which can leak quite a large number.
Connect the hose back and carefully tighten the clamp, then Unscrew it at the connection to the gas tank with a key. Gently wrap the end of the hose with polyethylene. Suitable to remove the gas tank on the left side of the pipe. This ventilation pipe of the tank and the return fuel-cut openings for all connections.
Disconnect o-ring from the neck of the tank, it's easy to squeeze. Climb into the trunk and Unscrew the four nuts, which attaches the gas tank. Gently pull it on itself, top and bottom, then do the same with the right side. In this way, remove the gas tank to the outside. Unscrew the sensor and remove the filter.
Fill the tank with about 3 liters of gasoline first through hole of the filter, and then through the fuel level sensor. Good probaltica it inside, and then pour through the filler neck. Make the drained fluid was no sediment and had a natural color. Then assemble in reverse order.