Treatment of displacement of the vertebrae is carried out according to the algorithm of treatment of pain related to compression of the nerve roots and spinal instability. In most cases, quite effective conservative therapy. The main element of therapy is to strengthen the abdominals and back, creating a muscular corset that reduces instability of the spine.
When pronounced pain syndrome the doctor assigned to the medical therapy aimed at reducing muscle spasm of the paravertebral muscles and pain relief. For acute pain a doctor may be appointed to wear the corset for a short time. However, it is worth remembering that the long-term use of corset belts weakens the back muscles, which can lead to the aggravation of the process and increase the instability of the spine.
With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy in the treatment of pain, a doctor may be appointed surgical treatment. The operation is to reduce the compression of the neural structures and stabilize the spine. In most cases, to reduce the compression and audit of the nerve roots of the spinal cord runs the procedure called laminectomy, removal of posterior arch of a vertebra. Surgeon during surgery removes excess scar tissue in the area spondylolysis, which compresses the nerve roots of the spinal cord.
If the displacement of the vertebrae is detected early in the development of Dr is assigned to limitation in motor mode: try less to walk, stand, it is not necessary to carry weights and to avoid abrupt bending of the back and torso. For acute pain is assigned to bed rest with heat treatments, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the applying on the back of local irritating ointment.
The displacement of the vertebrae a doctor prescribes physiotherapy (physical therapy), which includes exercises to strengthen back muscles and abdominals. In this case the load on the spine.