Advice 1: Why does the fish have swollen eyes and top dimmed

Often aquarium owners notice that one of the fish swells and becomes cloudy eye. First and foremost, they begin to suspect an injury or infection, while swelling and clouding of the eyes in fish is often a symptom of ekzoftalm. What is this disease?
Why does the fish have swollen eyes and top dimmed


In the presence of pucheglazija, opacities of the eye and the appearance in it of blood, the fish can be safely diagnose ekzoftalm – disease, is a symptom of internal pathology, which is caused by environmental or pathogenic microorganisms. Heave the eyes is caused by accumulation of fluid in the eyeball or behind it. Its causes may be viral, bacterial or systemic fungal infection and impaired vnutripsihicheskoy processes.

If ekzoftalm causing systemic infection, the fish at the same time may experience the symptoms of this infection.

The main predisposing factor for the development of ekzoftalm is often of poor quality water in the aquarium with the wrong chemical composition. It negatively affects osmotic regulation and other processes, causing ekzoftalm fish. In most cases, this disease can be treated with chemicals, however, the improvement of water quality can help to avoid medical treatment.

Treatment of ekzoftalm

When exophthalmia and loss of the eyeball from the fish need to identify and eliminate causes of ekzoftalm. If sick fish are no signs of parasitic or pathological diseases, then the problem is in the environment – for example, the reason is the quality of the water in the tank or its chemical composition.

Timely elimination of the reason causing ekzoftalm a fish, will prevent permanent damage or loss of the eye.

If the quality parameters of aquarium water and its chemical composition are optimal for fish range, you still need to partially change the water in the aquarium every few days. Adding approximately one third of the fresh water instead of similar amount of old, will completely cure the diseased fish. The disappearance of the tumor and return the eyeball to its normal form after taking all the necessary measures may take about a week.

If the reason for ekzoftalm are parasites to the aquarium, you can add 20 drops of the drug "malachite green", pre-dissolved in 100-200 ml of water. The resulting solution should be poured in small portions into water, and after 5 days to replace half of the aquarium on the net. If necessary, repeat the procedure and hold the fish in the water solution over 5 days. The drug is out of the water can also be removed using activated carbon.

Advice 2: What to do in case of turbid water in the aquarium

Novice aquarists are often faced with the phenomenon of clouding of the water in the aquarium. This can happen for many different reasons and it is important to know how to solve this problem, not to cause harm to its inhabitants.
What to do in case of turbid water in the aquarium
Some beginners are in a hurry to set up your first aquarium and populate it. So after a few hours the water becomes turbid with a whitish tint. This is due to the damage to biological balance, dramatically increases the amount of bacteria. The water must first go through a period of "ripening". For this first you need to plant aquarium plants to get settled in for two days water and leave the aquarium for a few days. During this time, the water becomes transparent, sometimes slightly greenish hue. Restores biological balance and you can now run fish.

In some cases, and long-functioning aquarium begins mass reproduction of bacteria, this occurs when a lot of fish and aquarium care. In this case, you should do the cleaning. To isolate the fish in another container, clean the soil, remove excess plants to replace the water and wait a few days until the water clears - the balance is back to normal.

Sometimes the water can become cloudy, if you give a lot of dry food. Fish bad to eat it, the remnants begin to rot, which contributes to the growth of bacteria. It is therefore recommended to switch to the use of live food such as bloodworms. It is necessary to give the rate of up to 5 pieces medium fish. Also of great help in the destruction of uneaten food residues have snails, but their numbers also need to control.

In the wrong lighting, the water can become green, become turbid on the glass, plants and scenery there is a RAID. This is due to the rapid increase in the number of algae. In such cases, carry out the third part of the water 1 time a week, run a fish that eats algae, reinforce or, conversely, reduce the lighting. Be sure to include water filtration. With clear glass plaque with a cleaning scraper.

The problem of turbidity is easier to prevent than to eliminate. So follow a few rules:

- don't change the water in the aquarium completely, except for emergency measures;
- adjust the amount of feed, normally it should be eaten fish for 10-15 minutes;
- keep track of the number of fish in the aquarium, avoid overcrowding;
- regularly carry out parts of water;
- don't forget to remove overgrown plants, clean the soil and filter the water.

Advice 3: Why vision blurs

Eye is a visual organ, by which man receives information about the world. Various adverse factors contribute to impaired vision. Clouding of the lens of the eye is fairly serious and severe disease called cataract. It should be noted that this pathology is dangerous because it can lead to blindness. Therefore it is very important the appearance of unpleasant symptoms in time to see a doctor.
Why vision blurs
As a rule, cataract is one of the most popular diseases of the lens. To date, the pathology characterized by the clouding of the lens, is common not only among the elderly. In recent years, the age of the disease significantly decreased, and this means that now the risk group also includes people from approximately 45 to 65 years. Over time the disease progresses quite strongly, contributing to the rapid decline in vision due to the increase in the area of dimness.

The fact that the lens has the appearance of a transparent optical lens, which is convex on both sides. He is able to instantly direct the focus, to change shape and therefore eye equally sees at different distances. However, this process is disturbed because of clouding of the lens, whereby it loses its transparency. That's why there is a need as soon as possible to contact the specialist for appointment of the necessary examinations. After all, only a doctor, based on the data, can put or Vice versa to exclude a diagnosis of cataract. It is worth considering that this disease can affect one or both eyes.

Actually causes a great many: disorders in the metabolic processes that take place in the tissues of the lens; slowing of metabolic processes; poor circulation of oxygen in the tissue region. In addition, the development of this pathology can lead to various eye injuries, diabetes, use of hard drugs, hereditary factor. Also, quite often find cataracts in newborns, which can be explained by the presence of dangerous infection in pregnant women (measles, herpes, rubella). There are some common causes that contribute to the emergence of dangerous diseases such as cataracts: obesity, alcohol consumption and Smoking, poor environment, radiation, or ultraviolet irradiation, x-rays.

Unfortunately, cataracts cannot be cured with medicines. Undoubtedly, a doctor can be assigned to certain drops. But the fact that they do not act on the removal of turbidity, but only prevent further worsening of the condition. Thus, cataract can be cured directly with surgical intervention. Before its implementation, the patient must undergo a full examination, which will identify the stage of the cataract, after which the specialist will prescribe a specific type of operation. It is worth considering that in most cases, prompt treatment can completely restore vision.

Advice 4: How to jerk fish

Can there be anything better than enjoying a mug of cold beer with dried fish after a hard day? But the catch is that good beer are always available, but to get high quality dried fish at the right time difficult. It is therefore useful to learn how to jerk the fish yourself.
How to jerk fish
The taste of sun-dried bream roach and undeniable, but if they are not at hand, then it can be dry-cured and other fish. As long as it was fresh and chilled, but in any case not frozen.
If you have to jerk the fish in the winter, it can not Eviscerate, but only in large specimens to make along the ridge cut. In the summer it is necessary to remove the entrails and gills, because the fish gut filled water vegetation that will add bitterness. And in hot weather there is a risk that the entrails will rot.
Fish through the eye to string the twine through a large needle. In a bundle can be up to a dozen fish depending on size. RUB the carcass with coarse salt (not iodized to take), pour it in the cuts on the backs.
Salting fish in barrels or stainless containers. Brine for fish prepared at the rate of one part salt to four parts of water, the salt needs to dissolve completely. At the bottom of the container pour the brine and put there bundles of fish. Put a small bend, so that the brine completely covered the fish.
5 days, 2 days more or less, depending on the size of the fish, take it out, rinse with water and hang to valitsa in a shaded area. Fish should not touch each other. For protection from flies, you can wrap the gauze.
Dried fish will be ready in about 6 weeks, small Padalitsa faster. To keep the fish you want in canvas bags in a cool place.
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