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In the presence of pucheglazija, opacities of the eye and the appearance in it of blood, the fish can be safely diagnose ekzoftalm – disease, is a symptom of internal pathology, which is caused by environmental or pathogenic microorganisms. Heave the eyes is caused by accumulation of fluid in the eyeball or behind it. Its causes may be viral, bacterial or systemic fungal infection and impaired vnutripsihicheskoy processes.

как менять воду рыбкам в аквариуме

If ekzoftalm causing systemic infection, the fish at the same time may experience the symptoms of this infection.

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The main predisposing factor for the development of ekzoftalm is often of poor quality water in the aquarium with the wrong chemical composition. It negatively affects osmotic regulation and other processes, causing ekzoftalm fish. In most cases, this disease can be treated with chemicals, however, the improvement of water quality can help to avoid medical treatment.

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Treatment of ekzoftalm

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When exophthalmia and loss of the eyeball from the fish need to identify and eliminate causes of ekzoftalm. If sick fish are no signs of parasitic or pathological diseases, then the problem is in the environment – for example, the reason is the quality of the water in the tank or its chemical composition.

Timely elimination of the reason causing ekzoftalm a fish, will prevent permanent damage or loss of the eye.

If the quality parameters of aquarium water and its chemical composition are optimal for fish range, you still need to partially change the water in the aquarium every few days. Adding approximately one third of the fresh water instead of similar amount of old, will completely cure the diseased fish. The disappearance of the tumor and return the eyeball to its normal form after taking all the necessary measures may take about a week.

If the reason for ekzoftalm are parasites to the aquarium, you can add 20 drops of the drug "malachite green", pre-dissolved in 100-200 ml of water. The resulting solution should be poured in small portions into water, and after 5 days to replace half of the aquarium on the net. If necessary, repeat the procedure and hold the fish in the water solution over 5 days. The drug is out of the water can also be removed using activated carbon.